XCOM's Slingshot DLC gets trailered ahead of today's release

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XCOM's Slingshot add-on will be available from later today, presumably once the Steam engine rumbles to life and starts pumping out releases. The pack adds three new China-based Council missions that will integrate into your campaigns. In preparation, Firaxis have released this video teaser of what those missions involve.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC heads to China, adds new squad character

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Yesterday we let our speculation over XCOM's inevitable DLC run as rampantly as a panicked Sectoid, but 2K and Firaxis have their own vision for XCOM's post-release content. Today they announce the impending deployment of Slingshot, a tri-Council-mission campaign set in a besieged China featuring a new playable squad character, enhanced customization options, and a couple research shortcuts.

XCOM DLC: The PC Gamer Wishlist

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Now that mysterious hidden achievements on Steam have all-but-confirmed that a DLC release is imminent for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it got us wondering--what kind of DLC would we like to see? Judging by what’s already been revealed, it seems like a good bet that the first pack will include six new missions (Confounding Light, Deluge, Furies, Friends in Low Places, Gangplank, and Portent) and at least one new “ally” character (Soldier? Civilian? ...Alien?) that can be taken into battle. Read on to see what else we’d like to see in upcoming DLC for XCOM.