X Wing

Lucasarts hiring for new "aerial combat title"

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The Lucasarts recruitment site has put out an ad, spotted by Gamespot, looking for a senior gameplay engineer for an aerial combat title. Among the requirements listed, experience in flight sims, "especially space-based shooters" is down as a plus. Lucasarts are of course responsible for some of the best space shooters ever made, X-Wing and Tie Fighter. Dare we hope?

There are also listings for an open world RPG, an action/adventure game and a first-person shooter, intriguing given Lucasarts' history with the Dark Forces series. None of these projects have been officially announced, so we'll have to wait and see what Lucasarts are brewing, but we know what we'd like to see. How about it, who wants a new X-Wing game?

Play X-Wing with upgraded graphics. Trust us: you should

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Some games are just too good to die. Lucasart's classic Star Wars space sim X-Wing is one of them. A recent post on Reddit gathered together a series of mods that will let you play the old X-Wing campaign in a more recent engine, in high resolution and widescreen. We knew right away that it was time to blow the dust off a joystick and get it up and running. Here's a four step guide to getting the classic space sim working on a modern PC in full retextured glory. All you'll need is a copy of X-Wing Alliance and these four steps and you'll be locking onto Interceptors in no time.