X-Plane devs sued by Uniloc for patent infringement

Tom Senior at

Uniloc are at it again. They went after Mojang a couple of months back for the infringement of patent 6,857,067 which covers mobile applications that "require communication with a server to perform a license check to prevent the unauthorized use of said application." They've launched a new lawsuit against X-plane developer, Laminar Research, for violation of the same patent.

"I am told that it will cost me about $1,500,000 (one and a half MILLION dollars) to defend this suit," writes X-Plane creator Austin Meyer on the X-Plane site site. "This is more money than I have made selling Android Apps in the first place. Under theses conditions, does it make sense for me to be in business?"

X-Plane review

Tim Stone at

The eight DVDs’ worth of scenery files have been installed, the joystick has been configured, and the cat has been fed. The moment has come.

Excitedly, I type the name of my local aerodrome into X-Plane 10’s search box and press ‘GO TO THIS AIRPORT’. A minute or two passes, then one of the dullest splash screens I’ve ever seen dissolves to reveal...