X-Com: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown review

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“‘Tis a vile thing to die,” Shakespeare wrote, “when men are unprepared and look not for it.” This is precisely XCOM’s favorite way to kill you. Enemy Unknown has just unexpectedly murdered my best soldier. Not with a jetpacking alien-cyborg. Not with a lucky grenade. Not with a plasma gun.

An exploding forklift has just eaten the life of my most decorated alien-killer.

PC Gamer US Podcast #326 - Adventure Time!

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Viking Overlord T.J. takes the helm of the podcasting longship this week, and Logan and Tyler hang on for their dear lives. We talk THROWING MOONS AT PLANETS in Planetary Annihilation, TF2's new Co--op vs Killer Robots "Mann vs Machine" mode, and how Dan Stapleton was outed as an alien sympathizer in X-Com: Enemy Unknown. All this, plus listener questions, and the first ever PC Gamer Podcast Tabletop Adventure! Can Logan and Tyler defeat the evil wizards Daywan Dee El-Cee and Al'wayzan Dee Ar'Im to save their favorite PC franchises from Internet scorn through a series of arbitrary dice rolls?