First impressions: WoW patch 4.2 brings new loot, dailies, raids and the ability to move characters on the selection screen [UPDATED]

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Goblins everywhere are rising to the top of players' characters lists (where they rightfully belong). WoW's huge Firelands raid patch (4.2) is hitting live servers this morning, and while it does add a new 10/25-man raid, a brand new daily quest hub that we'll progressively unlock by aiding their cause, a legendary staff, and an epic story with Azeroth's resident badass Thrall, I'm probably more excited about being able to finally meticulously order my characters in order of their sentimental importance.

WoW player reaches level 85 without killing a single mob

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If you've ever played World of Warcraft, it's likely that you thought some stretches were too grind-heavy. (Granted, the WoW grind is minuscule compared to traditional/Korean MMOs.) Now, take that boredom and impatience you felt during that grind, and multiply it times a billion. That's what us lesser beings would feel when leveling an alt strictly through Herbalism and Mining—but Everbloom is so much more. Come delve into the mind of the Night Elf druid that's a patience demigod.

MMO fight: WoW blogger demands an end to Rift posts

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In what is either a genuine call for World of Warcraft purity or a subtly brilliant Rift marketing scheme, a WoW-centric blogger has created a campaign, complete with a badge that you can post to your site, to designate his and other WoW blogs as "Rift-free zones," in response to what he considers to be an excessive amount of Rift-related posting cropping up in the wake of the fledgling MMORPG's well-received release. He's got a fair point: after all, you don't come to PC Gamer to read about Mario's latest adventure.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Review

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It’s big. Oh god, it’s big.

World of Warcraft is the world’s most successful subscription MMO. Orcs and humans, fighting dragons. It’s four games welded into one vast whole: a multiplayer cooperative RPG in which you quest. A competitive fantasy team battleground game. A three-versus-three arena competitive ladder. And a 10- or 25-man dragon bashing cooperative raiding thing.

Together, those elements make for a deep and terrifyingly compulsive mix. The trouble was that to get anywhere in the latter three games, you had to go through the former.

80 levels of questing in WoW translates to around a month of fairly solid play. And pre-Cataclysm, that was a month of trawling through some of PC gaming’s most mindnumbingly boring tasks. Ferrying packages across continents. Crawling through shit to find excreted seeds. Massacring leopards en route to killing more leopards.

What do we know about the Warcraft movie?

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Making movies from games is a tricky business. So far, the best that most have been able to aspire to has been utter mediocrity, and there have been many that fail to reach even that distinctively un-lofty goal. Still, if anyone’s going to break the cycle, it might be the colossal gaming juggernaut that is Warcraft. But what do we know at this point?

Alliance wins at cardboard Warcraft

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Let this be a life lesson. There are no better ways to solve conflicts than by rendering them in cardboard and letting fireworks determine the victor. World of Warcraft guild Ouroboros have done precisely that by constructing delightful cardboard replica's of both the Horde and Alliance aerial gunships and letting them solve their differences through the use of brightly coloured explosives.