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Guild Wars 2's World vs World multiplayer mode to be revamped with new player roles

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ArenaNet has announced a series of changes for the World vs. World multiplayer content in Guild Wars 2. In a long explanatory blog post, coordinator Devon Carver set out the changes that will hopefully make World vs. World, the ambitious interserver multiplayer throwdown mode, a more consistently fun experience.

Guild Wars 2's Wintersday event also brings World vs World changes

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Christmas isn't just a time for goodwill to all men, obsene alcohol consumption and for a present providing Asura to prance about Lion's Arch. 'Tis also the season for kicking the snot out of rival server dwellers.

Along with Guild Wars 2's Wintersday event, ArenaNet will be tweaking the game's WvW battles; a process which they've detailed on their forums.

Editorial: My surprising, unlikely love affair with Guild Wars 2's PvP

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The last time I remember really enjoying player vs. player in an MMO was during the days of 24-hour classic Alterac Valley in World of Warcraft. I'm just not typically into MMO PvP. I have never once, for example, been into an instanced PvP warzone throughout my 200+ hours in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In general, this particular RP carebear wouldn't be terribly upset if most MMOs dropped PvP altogether. But Guild Wars 2 is different. It's handed me armfuls of things I didn't even know I wanted, possibly the greatest of which being a rekindled love of PvP.

Guild Wars 2 World vs. World PvP: 20 minutes of footage, plus commentary!

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While I was at ArenaNet I had the chance to play a decent amount of Guild Wars 2's World vs. World PvP mode. In this video, Graham and I talk you through two fortress assaults. In one, my team is on the offensive. In the other, we're mounting a heroic attempt to break an enemy siege. We discuss how the mode differs from regular PvP, the minute-to-minute strategy of defending your territory, and the inner lives of Guild Wars 2's implacable transport goat things.

For more on World vs World PvP, check out our preview. Are you taking part in the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend, readers? If so, will you be giving World vs. World a try?