World of Tanks update

World of Tanks 8.6 update brings new artillery, loud trailer

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This video for World of Tanks 8.6 is like a gritty reboot for the extensive trailer series. The tanks are more aggressive; the explosions are more fearsome; the flashes are more flashy; and the music is that much more dubstep-y. It's a boisterous showing for the update, which brings new artillery and an overhauled economy. Given the choice between giant explosions and detailed number-crunching, you'd probably do the same.

World of Tanks screenshots show a barrage of artillery from update 8.6

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Looking through this selection of screenshots for the upcoming 8.6 update to World of Tanks, I'm starting to think it's a shame these giant metal machines were designed for war and destruction. There's just something adorable about the way they position themselves around the map, cocking a inquisitive turret as if thoughtfully peering into the distance. It seems a waste to make them fight each other.

World of Tanks 8.5 update brings new tanks, more options for non-paying players

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The World of Tanks trailer creation department must have the easiest job in the world. It doesn't matter what news they're asked to promote, they can just illustrate it with exciting cuts of footage showing tanks blowing each other up. New tanks? Show tanks! Overhauled maps? Show more tanks! A large-scale overhaul of the game's economy, allowing players to purchase premium consumables with in-game credits? Keep showing tanks!