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The 12 year war - The rise of

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And that was the end of chess.” Viktor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming. net, is describing the day his boyhood pastime died, in 1996, when IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer defeated Garry Kasparov.

Kislyi had been playing chess for seven years. He had competed in regional championships in his home city of Minsk while trying to master “the mother, father, grandfather, grandmother of all games,” as he describes it.

“And then the world champion Kasparov lost to pretty much a calculator the size of your cellphone,” he says. “It’s a very beautiful game, don’t get me wrong, but the world of civilisation had to move on.”

My cellphone is currently recording our conversation on the top floor of a tall office tower in Minsk. Several hundred employees occupy six floors of the building, and the company has plans to expand to three more before the year is out. The staggering success of World of Tanks has kicked expansion plans into overdrive. are bigger than they have ever been, but it took more than a decade of hard lessons before they struck gold.

World of Battleships trailer shows large ships and larger explosions

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The ocean isn't a safe place to be in World of Battleships' latest trailer, revealed at E3 this morning. It showcases the sunken remains of dozens of hulking ships and shows glimpses of how they got there.

World of Battleships E3 trailer features naval war, torpedoes, shipwrecks

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The dramatic pre-rendered E3 trailer for's World of Battleships alternates between shots of happy ships (above the water, firing cannons) and sad ships (below the water, rusting, home to crabs.) Or perhaps I've got that the wrong way around. Perhaps ships like sinking: perhaps it's like a holiday, or retirement. They probably think submarines are slackers. I should stop anthropomorphising military hardware.

It's the first we've seen of's naval combat MMO for a while - classes were confirmed back in September, but otherwise the focus has been on upcoming dogfighter World of Warplanes. Check out the new trailer below.

World of Battleships classes revealed, aircraft carriers confirmed

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Aircraft Carriers are some of the biggest and most expensive ships to build, maintain and protect. There are only 20 of them on Earth. Their ability to launch fighters, bombers and reconnaissance jets from an enormous range lets them dominate a battlefield. They can win wars. In World of Battleships, you get to be one.

World of Battleships screenshots have burning boats and warplanes

Tom Senior at have released 15 early screens their upcoming, free to play boat 'em up, of World of Battleships. The warships themselves look mighty and satisfying, but it's interesting to see so many planes in the images. Will we be able to launch squadrons of fighters and bombers from aircraft carriers? That would be awesome. You'll find the images below. Click to see them at their full size, as 'twas meant to be.

World of Battleships announced

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Creators of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, announce on the WoT site that they are also working on World of Battleships. Like Tanks and Warplanes, World of Battleships will be free to play, and will feature a "straightforward interface, easy-to-use controls, and a common economic system that will allow players to distribute resources between the three games for the ultimate progress in each of them."

World of Warplanes first details. Will have same "gold, experience, economics" as World of Tanks

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We recently interviewed Wargaming.Net CEO, Victor Kislyi about World of Warplanes, the follow up to World of Tanks that was announced at E3 this year. Warplanes will follow a similar free-to-play format tof WoT, with the same "gold, experience" and "economics," and is set to include planes from "big plane nations" like Russia, Germany, Britain, France, America and Japan.

Kislyi says the team are trying to strike a similar balance to World of Tanks, combining accessible controls with historically accurate World War 2 war machines. This time around, Wargaming.Net are going for a new audience. "It's important to understand, we want to concentrate this game on air combat enthusiasts," said Kislyi. "We want to go to air shows. We want to go to air museums. We want to talk to people who fly those hardcore flight simulations."

World of Tanks creator: after Warplanes "we will do Battleships"

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We recently got the chance to catch up with's CEO, Victor Kislyi about the monster success of World of Tanks, and what comes next: World of Warplanes, and possible further continuations of the series. Kislyi revealed that are already thinking about where to go after World of Warplanes, suggesting that battleships are the obvious next direction.

When asked why decided to do Warplanes as their next game, Kislyi said it was down to the number of requests on the World of Tanks forums, and added that "when players talk about what they want us to do for the next game, of course they say battleships because there is a lot of Navy Field players playing our game that don't seem to believe in Navy Field 2."