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Reinstall: Wing Commander 2

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Red alert! Red alert! When the Kilrathi attack the TCS Concordia, you don’t get a briefing screen that says “So, we’re under attack by seven-foot cat aliens. Click here to continue.” There’s no level or mission number on the screen, or a choice of difficulty. You just get feet smashing against the bulkhead, sirens and red lights blaring as you and your fellow pilots race into your ships and blast off in the full knowledge that if you fail, there’ll be no carrier left to land on. And that’ll really put a downer on tonight’s poker game.

Star Citizen dev thinks next-gen consoles still won't match current PCs

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Huge GOG EA sale discounts Ultima, Wing Commander and more

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If you're stumped for something to play this weekend, you might find some inspiration in this enormous weekend sale at, which has lined up 26 of EA's goodest oldest games and shot 60% off their prices with the discount gun. If you're rolling in money, $62.14 will get you all the Ultimas, Wing Commanders, Populi (Populouses?) and Dungeon Keepers, plus loads more, or you can buy each game individually for $2.39, which should be about £1.49 in old money.

Star Citizen reaches $2m funding goal

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Chris "Wing Commander" Roberts' campaign to fund sandbox space sim, Star Citizen, has failed. Oh no wait, the other thing. SUCCEEDED. Yes! RPS have combined the donated funds amassed on Kickstarter and the Star Citizen site using the power of maths and the total has indeed surpassed the $2m requested.

Star Citizen now on Kickstarter

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Chris Roberts' next big space sim, Star Citizen, is now on Kickstarter. The Wing Commander creator's new project has been gaining capital for a little over a week through pre-orders on Roberts Space Industries, and though it's earned over $1M, Roberts fears that website instability, or something else, is stalling potential backers.

Star Citizen system requirements, modding and potential microstransactions detailed

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Star Citizen, the new space game from Wing Commander-creator Chris Roberts, has released a new FAQ which reveals the estimated system specs for the game, clarifies how modding will work - it is, in fact, highly encouraged - and what sort of things may be purchasable via microtransaction. Many of the other questions within the FAQ have already been covered in our substantial preview of the game, but it's good to hear Chris Roberts clarify the fine print on a few points.

Star Citizen warping toward funding goal with nearly $500K raised

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Chris Roberts' epic new space combat simulation project is going to take a lot of work and a lot of money to realize. The latter part is coming along: as of this morning, Roberts says Star Citizen has earned $455,590 of its $2M goal through tiered pre-orders at

Watch the full, five-minute Star Citizen trailer

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Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts revealed this morning that he's returning to game development with Star Citizen, a massive, persistent-universe space combat sim which he's crowdfunding at I recently spoke to Roberts and got a look at his prototype - this five minute trailer is a tightly choreographed version of that demonstration, but I can verify that it's in-engine footage representative of the prototype's capabilities. Prepare your spring-eyed gag glasses.

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts returns to gaming, brings space combat back with him

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Actual details are spectacularly thin on the ground, with the actual announcement, as opposed to this pre-announcement-announcement, not happening until the 10th of October. Register for his new site Roberts Space Industries and you'll find some details though, like... wait, he's called it RSI? I wonder how many cheap gags are going to be made about that over the next couple of years.

Oh well. There's at least a little bit to go on behind its front-page countdown curtain.

Wing Commander and Dungeon Keeper 2 head up new EA re-releases from Good Old Games

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Good Old Games is launching a new series of games from EA's archives, starting with one of the greatest space combat games of all time, and the sequel to one of the most loved strategy games. See if you can guess which is which! You get three goes, but the first two don't count...

Saturday Crapshoot: Wing Commander Academy

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Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. This morning though, he's settling down in front of the TV in his pyjamas for an animated series that really set the fur flying throughout deep space.

Watching the Wing Commander movie was a difficult experience for me, mostly because I couldn't decide whether it was more like a dentist accidentally drilling through a nerve, or like being stabbed in the back with a serrated dagger. Even by the low, low standards of game to movie conversions, it was a stinker. The characters I'd been flying alongside since around 1990 were ruined. The addition of mystical elements to its serious sci-fi universe were just as stupid as George Lucas trying to mix a bit of science into his magic. Most of the storyline was cut due to a lack of budget, and the need to keep the hideous alien puppets off camera as much as possible, and... oh, god. Just no. Terrible film.

It wasn't however the Wing Commander series' first foray into the mainstream. Back in 1996, shortly after the third game took the world by storm with its full motion video, incredible space combat and then-unheard of $4 million budget, the decision was made to bring Wing Commander to TV audiences. a Saturday morning kids cartoon. This is really going to hurt, isn't it?