Wing Commander 2

Reinstall: Wing Commander 2

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Red alert! Red alert! When the Kilrathi attack the TCS Concordia, you don’t get a briefing screen that says “So, we’re under attack by seven-foot cat aliens. Click here to continue.” There’s no level or mission number on the screen, or a choice of difficulty. You just get feet smashing against the bulkhead, sirens and red lights blaring as you and your fellow pilots race into your ships and blast off in the full knowledge that if you fail, there’ll be no carrier left to land on. And that’ll really put a downer on tonight’s poker game.

Wing Commander and Dungeon Keeper 2 head up new EA re-releases from Good Old Games

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Good Old Games is launching a new series of games from EA's archives, starting with one of the greatest space combat games of all time, and the sequel to one of the most loved strategy games. See if you can guess which is which! You get three goes, but the first two don't count...