The Early Access Report: Windborne, The Memory of Eldurium and Snow

Craig Pearson at

Welcome to the early access report, a regular round-up looking at the most interesting early access games of the moment. Here we try new alphas and revisit old ones to separate the promising gems from the bug-ravaged time wasters.

Open-world games present an interesting challenge for small developers: the creation of the landscape is easy in comparison with filling it with things to do, and if you put a game like that on Early Access, it means you'll still be adding bits as the players are wandering around. All three of today's games sadly suffer from a similar problem. Windborne, The Memory Of Eldurium, and SNOW are impressive worlds in need of content.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive devs working on a new, curiously whimsical sandbox game

Katie Williams at

Having worked on Counter-Strike: GO and Defense Grid, can you guess what Hidden Path Entertainment is doing next? You probably wouldn't have guessed a game that was "two parts Minecraft and one part Fez with a dash of Proteus' dreaminess sprinkled over the top" on your first try, but that's pretty much exactly what they're doing with Windborne, a single- and multi-player game featuring friendly pet dragons wiggling to a tinkerbox soundtrack.