Water cooling

Gigabyte unveil a GPU watercooling headcrab for your PC

Dave James at

Gigabyte have been touring around Europe this week showing off their first own-design closed-loop water-cooler for graphics cards. Now, closed-loop liquid-chilling isn’t new, even in GPU terms, but they generally come pre-installed. Gigabyte’s Waterforce is designed to be easily dropped onto your graphics setup—even a multi-GPU array—and allow you to cool your GPUs far more efficiently than with active air-cooling alone. Today’s graphics cards select their operating clockspeed based on a given temperature, so the cooler they are, the faster they'll run.

Patent wars come to PC

Adam Oxford at

Just when you thought it was safe to keep your head down and ignore the patent infringement controversy that engulfs the tablet and smartphone milleu, it's time to blow the dust off of your copy of Black's: the industry vogue for legal action is moving into the heady world of water cooling.

Chiller constructor Asetek has been awarded several patents on a design for a “integrated liquid loop cooling” - those funky all in one water coolers – which dates back to 2003... and it's taking rival CoolIT to court over its similar designs.

What to do if your PC starts to leak

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You'd have thought that by now I'd have learned to listen to my PC, but better men than I have lost countless hours to PC repairs. Sometimes it's the crunch, crunch of a hard drive wearing out that's the precursor to disaster. Today's dilemma, however, should have been unavoidable, if only I'd opened my ears.

My PC sprung a leak.