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Gauntlet reboot announced, is being developed by Magicka's creators

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Outside of Kickstarter, the revival of old franchises is often a thing to dread. Usually, their announcement comes with terrible omens like "iOS" and "in-app purchases". Not so for Gauntlet, which, on the basis of the announcement trailer, will be a Steam exclusive. Perhaps more encouraging is who's responsible for it. Magicka creators Arrowhead are taking the reigns of this Warner Brothers-published dungeon crawling reboot.

Batman: Arkham Knight announced, will feature driveable Batmobile

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Holy crunching punches, readers! Warner Brothers have revealed the third Rocksteady Arkham game, which will be called Batman: Arkham Knight. Billed as the "explosive finale" to the series, it'll feature a larger open world, and a now driveable Batmobile to navigate it. A new trailer sets the scene, opening with a parental monologue, and ending with the inevitable fisticuffs.