1000 Beta keys for Heroes & Generals - sign up here, son

Andy Hartup at

Nazis just aren’t cool anymore. Back in 2006, you were never more than three feet from a World War 2 game at any given time. Now it’s all UMPs, UAVs, and shadowy extremeist-terrorist-radicalist-mega-corporations. Modern warfare has become so ubiquitous that it’s refreshing to see free-to-play hybrid shooter Heroes & Generals reclaiming and reinventing the old Axis vs Allies grudge.

From closed to open beta in Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Lucas Sullivan at

In the sea of free-to-play games, you need fresh gameplay to stand out. Five-versus-five PvP? Been there, done that. With Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, the latest venture under EA's Play4Free banner, BioWare Mythic is taking a stab at an entirely new approach—6v6v6. Three teams, one map, and six heroes per side makes for a whole lot of chaos, and we've our hands dirty with blood and goblin guts inside it over the past several months. Read our impressions inside, and if WoH sounds like a raucous good time to you, joining the ongoing open beta is just a few clicks away.

5 lessons SupCom 2 could learn from StarCraft 2

Jaz McDougall at

Yesterday, I listed five things I thought StarCraft 2 could learn from Supreme Commander 2. It was like leading an army of SupCom 2 fans against an outraged throng of competitive e-sports fans. Today, I'm going to betray my allies and side with the Blizz folks. What can SupCom 2 learn from StarCraft 2?