War of the Vikings

War of the Vikings adds Shieldmaidens in first update

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War of the Vikings has released its first update addressing a number of bugs and balance problems, as well as adding two new maps and a new player class: the Shieldmaiden. Though the maps and new player class are available to everyone, a the new Shieldmaiden DLC will be required for anyone hoping to customize the look and style of their new warrior.

War of the Vikings review

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There are few things as horrifying as a blood-covered Viking wielding an axe. The two Saxons closing in on me, though, aren’t as intimidated as I’d like. The three of us are the only fighters left alive, and I’m feeling lucky. I lunge and swing my axe sidearm at the first man. My wild strike hits high and decapitates him. I hop forward and bring my axe down to crush the skull of the second, but he spins around me, and I’m overexposed, off-balance. He rams his sword in my gut.

War of the Vikings leaves early access, launch trailer makes heavy use of the word "Viking"

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"What do you think a Viking is? Bravery? Fury?" asks the launch trailer for War of the Vikings. In my experience of muliplayer combat, it's more likely to be teabagging and complaints about lag. Unsurprisingly, the narrator has rather more lofty ideals to accompany the footage of Fatshark's War of the Vikings, which—after six months sailing through Steam Early Access—has now been officially released.

War of the Vikings shows off newest update with free Steam weekend

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If you’ve had a rough week, or it’s just been ages since you last slammed an axe into someone, I’ve got some good news for you. War of the Vikings, the follow-up to this year’s War of the Roses, is hosting a free-to-play weekend for all Steam users. The free weekend, starting today, shows off the Atgeirr update, which adds improved sound and game mechanics, the Conquest game mode and two new maps.

War of the Vikings hits Steam Early Access, yours to plunder right now

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The Norsey follow-up to Fatshark's War of the Roses sails to Steam Early Access today, following a closed alpha test back in August. Should you decide to take the plunge, you'll be given access to two modes - Arena and Team Deathmatch - along with two "small" maps entitled Gauntlet and Docks.

War of the Vikings begins closed alpha testing this week

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Closed alpha news is a bit of a double-edged axe - one that's often found buried in the skull of a person who really wants to participate in the limited access test. For War of the Vikings, though, Paradox are guaranteeing access to the alpha for anyone who owns Fatshark's previous historical first-person slasher, War of the Roses: Kingmaker. That alpha is due to start in a couple of days time, on August 22nd.

War of the Vikings announced, Fatshark's Norse follow-up to War of the Roses

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Paradox have announced War of the Vikings, an angrier, beardier standalone spin-off to Fatshark's War of the Roses. Vikings will also be a multiplayer battler, and will cast players as warring Norse and Saxon fighters. Set in the 9th and 10th Century, you'll fight to conquer or defend England through a variety of game modes, many of which will likely involve chopping up an unkempt man through the face and limbs.