Viscera Cleanup Detail


Viscera Cleanup Detail hits early access, fulfills your compulsive cleaning fantasies

Ian Birnbaum at

You know what I really love about violence? Dealing with the consequences! That’s why I’m so excited to see that Viscera Cleanup Detail, the space station janitor simulation, is now available on Steam Early Access. The first-person mopper also has a new trailer, which celebrates some of the slapstick comedy inherent in such a horrible job.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior lets you clean up your own mess

Phil Savage at

Okay, this is weird. In playing The Stanley Parable's demo, I seem to have been transported to an alternate universe where daft things just happen. Not that I'm complaining. It's much better than the reality I came from. Everyone there took things far too seriously. Not like here, where the makers of old-school remake Shadow Warrior can team up with the makers of janitorial sim Viscera Cleanup Detail to create a free DLC update that lets you clean up after a particularly messy katana battle.

Maia, Viscera Cleanup Detail and more make it through the Steam Greenlight gate

Phil Savage at

I can't help but feel that these Greenlight announcement posts are a bit underwhelming. Valve need to spice up the drama, reality show style. Indie hopefuls desperately treading water in the choppy seas; a lighthouse in the distance, it's green light scanning over the chaos; then, completely at random - through some arcane and heavily obtuse mixture of popular vote and 'other factors' - a few are selected and guided safely to the shores. Er, so anyway, Steam has greenlit 15 more games.