Free-to-play MMO publishers Nexon "interested" in buying EA

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MapleStory and Vindictus publishers Nexon are rumoured to be considering buying enormo-publisher EA, according to Bloomberg. The rumour caused a spike of 6.1 per cent in EA's shares, which have fallen by 23 per cent so far this year.

EA is the kind of company most people's grans have heard of, whereas Nexon sit firmly in the big-in-Asia category. But Nexon makes a lot of money from its free-to-play games - they reported an operating income of £714.51 million last year, which eclipses EA's mere £191.65 million.

This week's winners

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That's all she wrote ladies and gentlemen, the fat lady has sung. I'm closing the curtain on two weeks of massive giveaways and declaring the winners of all four of our currently running competitions.

So if you entered into the competitions for the Cyborg Rat, the Steelseries keyboards, Battlefield 3 or the Might and Magic figure, check inside to see if you've been successful.

EU giveaway: Win a Cyborg Rat and a ton of Vindictus cash

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It's competition time again! This week the folks at Nexon have teamed up with Cyborg Gaming are celebrating the official launch of Vindictus Europe by giving away a top of the line gaming mouse, some gaming lights and a bundle of in game cash.

Check inside for full details of how to enter and a peek at the goodies.

Vindictus has launched! Officially!

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Source-powered action RPG, Vindictus has just recieved its official launch. We've embedded the launch trailer below to prove it.

To celebrate a bunch of one-off in game events (complete with a lunch of limited edition items) are taking place. A new character, Evie, has also been added. She's a female magician who, according to the press release, will "bring a whole new dimension to the game. As the thumbnail highlights, she's a smiley lady.

To play, head over to the official site and sign up. Click "read and comment" for said trailer and more Evie screenshots.

EU giveaway: win a Vindictus closed beta key

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[bcvideo id="1106624981001"]
The closed beta for action MMO, Vindictus is headed to Europe. The Source-powered brawler will be crashing onto European servers next Thursday September 15, and we're offering you the chance to grab a key right now. All you need to do is open the huge stone doors below and beta access is yours. I'm not kidding, there is a giant stone door down there. Go see.

Vindictus trailer teases Xtreme Edition, EU closed beta landing in September

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[bcvideo id="1100181411001"]
Free-to-play action MMO Vindictus is heading to Gamescom, where the faster, deadlier Xtreme Edition will be playable on the show floor. Nexon have released the trailer above to prepare us for the Source-powered violence that will be hitting Cologne next week. Nexon also announce that they're planning to launch a European closed beta in September, shortly after the conclusion of the conference. To find out more about Vindictus, check out the official Vindictus website. Nexon will update the site with their closed beta plans closer to launch.

Vindictus - King of the Gnolls update out today [Giveaway]

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Uncover the truth behind the Gnoll’s attack in Perilous Ruins with Vindictus’ newest update, King of the Gnolls. Featuring new dungeons, enemies, armors, skills, and a higher level cap, hop onto the unlocked fourth boat and sail off to the new lands.

Contest: See how you can win one of three Vindictus Polar Bear hoodies below!

Thighboned in Vindictus [Giveaway]

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See this piece of ham? It’s about to be lodged down the throat of a dirty Kobold that's squirming around on the ground in front of me. I could just use my sword or a spear but the sight of a giant thighbone smacking a Kobold is just so much more satisfying than pinning it up against a wall or slashing it apart. This is just one reason why I'm having fun playing in the beta of the free-to-play MMO, Vindictus.

Giveaway: Tell us in the comments what food, decorations, or random debris in a dungeon that you want to kill kobolds with and why. 50 winners will receive open beta keys for Vindictus. Winners will be selected tomorrow (September 30). Only residents in North America (see 'Contest rules' below) are eligible for this contest.