Vindictus Extreme Edition

Vindictus has launched! Officially!

Owen Hill at

Source-powered action RPG, Vindictus has just recieved its official launch. We've embedded the launch trailer below to prove it.

To celebrate a bunch of one-off in game events (complete with a lunch of limited edition items) are taking place. A new character, Evie, has also been added. She's a female magician who, according to the press release, will "bring a whole new dimension to the game. As the thumbnail highlights, she's a smiley lady.

To play, head over to the official site and sign up. Click "read and comment" for said trailer and more Evie screenshots.

EU giveaway: win a Vindictus closed beta key

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[bcvideo id="1106624981001"]
The closed beta for action MMO, Vindictus is headed to Europe. The Source-powered brawler will be crashing onto European servers next Thursday September 15, and we're offering you the chance to grab a key right now. All you need to do is open the huge stone doors below and beta access is yours. I'm not kidding, there is a giant stone door down there. Go see.