Verdun review (Early Access)

Tyler Wilde at

I feel like someone’s expendable RTS unit as I dart through a muddy maze of trenches. My only goal right now is pathfinding: trudge from cover to cover on my way to the French line as they pelt the no man’s land between us. Trying to pick off entrenched riflemen might help a little, but I have to get into the trench to take it. I get into the trench, and get shot in the face.

Squad-based WWI shooter Verdun to launch soon; new footage released

Shaun Prescott at

Squad-based WWI FPS Verdun will exit open beta soon as it prepares for a fully fledged release. As the name implies, Verdun is named after the battle fought between the French and Germans in 1916, but it’s not the only battleground you’ll visit: among the game’s new additions include a whole new map inspired by the battle of Ypres.

Steam Greenlight lets through eight more games, including World War 1 FPS

Phil Savage at

Steam bouncer Greenlight has found room on its guestlist for another eight games. Titles include Verdun, a World War 1 set MMOFPS; Day One, a survival game starring an alcoholic widower; Vector, a side-scrolling parkour 'em up; and In Verbis Vitus, an action fantasy in which you complete puzzles by shouting at your monitor. It's certainly one of the more interesting collections we've seen waved into the money disco.

Multiplayer WWI shooter Verdun enters open beta

Tom Sykes at

Squad-based WWIMMOFPS (apologies for the hideous acronym) Verdun is now in open beta, should you fancy diving into the trenches to do your bit for France or Germany. An authentic take on The Great War, Verdun will let you "earn experience points, level up and gain new abilities". Its Big Thing is its squad mechanics - there are four to choose from, and I'm assuming they're historically accurate because I don't feel confident enough to pronounce any of them. Stick around for a trailer, or head here to express your opinion via the medium of Steam Greenlight.