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Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream to be released on July 24th

Tom Hatfield at

VG247 are reporting that Valve have finally announced a release date for Left 4 Dead 2's Cold Stream campaign. Now I know what you're thinking, you're thinking "But Tom! Isn't that campaign out already?" To which I reply "How can I hear what you're thinking, am I telepathic now?" But also "Nope, it's just been in beta testing. For a year." Which is a fairly speedy release in Valve time.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro hands-on reveals new Dust, molotov cocktails, more guns

Tom Senior at

On Friday, Valve confirmed the existence of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a new multiplatform, standalone version of Counter-Strike with new maps, weapons, matchmaking and leaderboards. Co-founder of the ESEA, Craig Levine is one of the many top members of the Counter-Strike community Valve flew out to see CS:GO in action. He's written about his experiences on the ESEA site. Read on for a summary of the main points.