Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from the Large Pixel Collider

PC Gamer at

That's right, the most powerful gaming PC known to mankind cares about you. Or rather, is willing to spare a few of its computing cycles to give you special consideration—certainly more than it gives most humans. It's pretty busy spanning massive Titanfall images across three 1440p monitors, or rendering Metro: Last Light video at ridiculous image quality. But it's still thinking of you, with at least one of its four GTX Titans, and it wants you to be its valentine. Because it loves you with every megabyte of its RAM, puny human.

Would You Kindly Be My Valentine?

Christopher Livingston at

Coming to you LIVE from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, it's time to celebrate Valentine's Day with Rapture's number one radio dating programme: Would You Kindly! Free from the tyrannical oppression of government broadcasting standards and hosted by the founder of Rapture, Andrew Ryan, Would You Kindly challenges one contestant to choose from three viable paramours (sitting unseen behind a screen) by asking them a series of romance-based questions. So, inject your plasmid of choice, spider-walk to your favorite spot on the ceiling, telekenetically turn up the volume on your radio, and enjoy the show!

Hey Hawken, you got lipstick on my giant, unstoppable killing machine

Andy Hartup at

To celebrate both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year, the good folk at Hawken developer Adhesive Games have unfurrowed their brows and added a touch of frivolity to their free-to-play mech fighter. The latest content update, dubbed 'Hearts on Fire', brings four new camos and a novelty booster for a limited time. And as you can see, it's all a bit silly.