Vaio Z

Hands on with Sony's external graphics card: it's superb

Adam Oxford at

Over the last week or so I've been playing around with Sony's new Vaio Z laptop. It's not really relevant for a PC games blog - I was looking at it for Stuff magazine - except for one thing. This ultralight notebook comes with an optional dock which adds an optical drive and USB hub along with extra monitor ports for when you're sat at your desk rather than staring at an Excel sheet on the train. Inside that dock, there's an auxiliary graphics card which adds an AMD Radeon HD6650 GPU to the on-board Sandy Bridge processor. And it's stunningly good.

Fancy an external graphics card?

Adam Oxford at

Tired of jemmying the side of your case off every time you want to upgrade your graphics card? Sony's latest invention could be what you've been waiting for. The new Sony Vaio X is a hyper-expensive-but-paper-thin laptop, and comes with a Mac-like Light Peak port for attaching hard drives, monitors and... a graphics card.