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123 people have pledged real money so that Uwe Boll can make a Postal 2 movie

Phil Savage at

As of writing, 123 people have pledged actual dollars on Kickstarter so that the infamous cinematic irritant Uwe Boll can make the movie Postal 2. Are you one of these people? Do you know one of these people? Can you find one of these people? Because if so, I would very much like to hear their explanation as to why. I guess the fact that Uwe Boll is crowdfunding this "film" is also news, of a sort. Especially because it looks so brutally stupid.

Saturday Crapshoot: BloodRayne 3

Richard Cobbett at

Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. Except this week, because the game decided to play silly buggers. Instead, let's catch up with the latest from everyone's favourite director, Uwe Boll.

BloodRayne 3 is a movie that clearly didn't need to be made. Same goes for BloodRayne 2. The first film though, I can at least see the attraction of the license. Nobody could ever make a good BloodRayne movie, and no matter how much love and money was poured into the project, it would never lead to, say, Dame Judi Dench walking down the red carpet, Oscar in hand, gushing over the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play the Queen of the Lecher Bitches. You could however make a fun BloodRayne movie - a knowing, confident, trashy action flick that slammed its first reel down on the table and said "Look, it's a hot redhead vampire chick in leather, killing Nazis. You in? Bring popcorn."

So of course, Boll opted to make a historical piece set in the 1700s. Then he did BloodRayne 2 as... a western. Only now does he turn his attention to the horrors of the Third Reich, as seen in the original game. Can this change be shot in the arm the series needs? You may be surprised!