PC Gamer US Podcast #278: Days of Yore

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On this week's podcast, the rag-tag PCG squad members Chris, Dan, Tyler, and Lucas join forces once again with recurring special guest Brian Brushwood. Listen in awe as they chat about post-apocalyptic themes, Zynga's intimidating market share, World of Warcraft's Rage of the Firelands, and some more zany Truthiness and Falsity questions. Also: find out which nostalgic games we love, and which ones aren't looking too hot these days.

PC Gamer US Podcast 278: Days of Yore

PC Gamer US Podcast E3 2011 Special #2

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On this second of the E3 2011 special podcast presentations we get the lowdown from Chris, Evan, Tyler, Josh, and Lucas on everything PC game related that you absolutely need to know about direct from the E3 epicenter.

Watch this space for more E3 podcasts that will transport your curious mind straight to the show floor.

PC Gamer US Podcast E3 2011 Special #2