Intel, Plextor launch new SSDs: end days for hard drives in sight?

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Intel and Plextor have both announced new additions to their SSD line up this week, hitting low price points for fast solid state drives. While they're timed to arrive at the peak of current generation SSD technology, though, it's what comes next that's really interesting.

Keep your PC up to date with the PC Gamer Rig

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Readers of the UK mag (and our forum) will be aware of the PC Gamer Rig. It's what we keep in various stages of disrepair in the office and consider to be the 'average' PC – one that's not too expensive, but specced up well enough to run any game past or present at a respectable lick. It functions both as a guide to the sort of base system we'd expect anyone buying or building a new machine from scratch, and as a guide to upgrades if you're looking to just replace a single part.

Get your PC ready for Battlefield 3

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There aren't many game launches which get people looking at their PC and wondering if it's powerful enough. But the seemingly high system specs of Battlefield 3 have got a lot of us suddenly concerned about the state of our hardware.

With just one weekend to go until it's released, it's time to face the question: do you need to upgrade for Battlefield 3?