Nether update adds subway system, wing glider, more content based on community feedback

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If all goes well, urban survival MMO Nether will get an update on Steam early access this Wednesday, December 18, with several features that will significantly impact gameplay. The new features included are among the first selected by Phosphor Games Studio, based on feedback from players participating in the early access beta.

Terraria offers new treats, no tricks, in Halloween update

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People prepare for the night of ghosts and goblins in different ways. Some go trick-or-treating, while others get so drunk they start believing they are their costume. Only a select few lock themselves away to craft free Halloween updates for their games, and it turns out Terraria’s developers happen belong in the latter group.

Maxis working to address SimCity processing issues

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I spent most of last night staring forlornly at my prettiest SimCity city, which was constantly at the “processing” stage and would not allow me to play it. I thought perhaps my citizens feared my mayoral skills too much to allow me to enter my own tiny metropolis, but apparently, mayors all over the world had been locked out in the wake of the 2.0 update. Yes, Maxis heard our echoed cries and moans, and they’re currently working to restore order. Here’s what’s the team is working on.

Meaty new update for Hawken brings new Mech, map, the ability to robo-cuss

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Changes are coming to stompy free-to-play mech battler Hawken. The latest update, which went live today, introduces the new Raider Mech and a fresh map called Facility. It also brings the ability to equip Mech Taunts, allowing you to belittle dead opponents with the tap of a key. The ‘G’ key, to be precise.

Hey Hawken, you got lipstick on my giant, unstoppable killing machine

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To celebrate both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year, the good folk at Hawken developer Adhesive Games have unfurrowed their brows and added a touch of frivolity to their free-to-play mech fighter. The latest content update, dubbed 'Hearts on Fire', brings four new camos and a novelty booster for a limited time. And as you can see, it's all a bit silly.

Max Payne 3 update adds multiplayer stats, improves load times, battles cheaters

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Rockstar have released an update for Max Payne 3, introducing the Multiplayer Card feature, improved load times and anti-cheat measures.

The Multiplayer Card feature displays player stats, while improvements to the party system mean party leaders can now pull their friends out of existing games and into new ones. According to Rockstar this update also "enables Payne Thresholds, which will go live next week across all three platforms following the release of the free Disorganized Crime Pack DLC".

Dota 2 updates continue, but should we review the game?

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As I type this, Dota 2 is the most popular game on Steam and is being played by 52,219 people. This is a game that's supposedly still in closed beta, one that has numerous holes waiting to be filled by proposed features, and which is still being updated all the time.

But given that it's easy to get in to the Dota 2 beta (you can even buy your way in), and given that you can pay for items in the Dota 2 store now, should PC Gamer review the game? We'd like to hear what you think.

Arma 2 patched with 158 tweaks

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Realistic military sim ARMA 2 has been updated to version 1.60 by developers Bohemia. The patch covers Operation Arrowhead, the British Armed Forces and Private Military Contractors DLC, the original Arma 2 and Arma 2: Free. Among the whopping 158 changes are a new anti-aliasing mode, new scripting commands, smoother multiplayer, netcode fixes and improved AI. More important fixes include, “AI no longer considering a car horn as a threat,” and “Dead body temperature was not saved.”

The Bohemians have also created a Christmas message for all their fans, which is so incredibly festive we’re about to explode in a shower of tinsel and fake snow.

Changelog highlights after the break.

DC Universe Online interview - Part 2: Monthly patches, new content

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Last week, I had the opportunity to interview DC Universe Online’s Game Director Chris Cao. We talked about everything from what bugs the dev team is focusing on fixing first, March’s big update, future power and weapon sets being added to the game and if they’re planning to add mod support for the PC version. We’ll be releasing a new portion of the interview every day this week up through Friday! Today, we talk with Chris about today's big February update, how often players can expect updates in the future, and what will be in March's big update. Read part 1 of the interview (Squashing Bugs) here.