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The Division GDC trailer showcases Snowdrop engine's visuals, flexibility

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During Ubisoft Massive's latest video tour of The Division's impressive Snowdrop engine at GDC 2014, one developer likened his ease of creating a bleak depiction of urban decay to tinkering with a Lego set. That's definitely not the same kind of Legos I remember growing up with, but the analogy is pretty apt considering the studio's deep drive to portray a massively multiplayer post-apocalyptic city in as much detail as possible.

The Division: Ubisoft encourages players to sign PC petition - over 50,000 do

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Two games at E3 occupied the frustrating position of looking Quite Good, yet only being confirmed for consoles. But where Bungie's Destiny remains tantalisingly out of reach, Ubisoft's latest Clancyesque shooter - The Division - has been more vocal in its teasing of a possible PC future. According to DSOGaming, the game's developers - while taking part in a Machinima livestream - encouraged PC players to "sign petitions, get on the forums and post their requests."

Far Cry 3 will incorporate elements of the indie scene and social games

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As reported on VG247, Ubisoft Massive are developing Far Cry 3's multiplayer component. Their previous work includes the Ground Control and World in Conflict series. They also helped out on Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

A few snippets of info have leaked out of GDC via Twitter. Vox game editor Brian Crecente says that Massive are incorporating an "online universe" and adding "elements from the social scene and indie games." Intriguing.