Two Worlds 2

Last call for the Steam Summer Camp Sale. Shoot, build, and grind for cheap

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The recent Steam Summer Camp Sale has brought new achievements and in-game rewards, along with a bumper selection of cheap games. Today is "Encore Day!" Unless Valve go for a stadium-satisfying multi-encore finish, it's your final chance to download a bargain. All the games are picked from the week's top sellers.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 for £4.99/$7.50, Terraria for £2.99/$4.99 and Magicka for £2.71/$3.39? Yes please. Click through for more details of today's deals.

Two Worlds 2 Collector's Edition Giveaway x2 (US Only)

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UPDATE: The winners have been picked. Congratulations to Bsik and VA1N. Thanks to all who entered.

You know, we aren't so different, you and I. When I have got a killstreak going, the last thing I want to do is get up to throw away my junk food trash--and I know you're the same way. So, over time, our desks get cluttered with computer parts, Mountain Dew cans, and Slim Jim wrappers. But when we clean them off, we discover treasures that would make the great pirates of yesteryear drool (and probably scratch their sweet pirate beards in confusion since they don't understand technology). Today is no exception. After removing stacks of papers we found two very rare Royal Editions of Two Worlds 2. And like true PC gaming saints, we're giving them away to you.

Two Worlds 2 review

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Of all the open-world roleplaying games of the past decade, Two Worlds was likely the worst. Its titular globes represented an unpolished, badly translated Gothic-clone orbiting an interminable, lifeless Oblivion-clone. Yet this sequel almost completely redeems the series. Its combat is innovative, character choices are meaningful, it’s gorgeous to explore and it’s largely bug-free. Until it peters to a linear, inglorious finale, Two Worlds 2 offers remarkably satisfying open-world adventuring. In two words: much better.