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Paper Sorcerer: a sketchy first-person RPG set inside the pages of a book

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Anyone remember books? Wikipedia tells me that they were a sort of primitive version of ebooks, printed on dead tree matter that you had to hold open in front of your face like some sort of caveperson. Thank heavens times have moved on since then - except for the hero of Paper Sorcerer, that is. It's a first-person, turn-based indie RPG with one hell of a striking visual style - you can play the demo in your browser right here.

Might and Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness illuminated in launch trailer

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Until we as a species decide whether Ubisoft's turn-based strategy RPG series features an 'and' or an ampersand, there will always be war - grim grammatical war of the highest order. But at least we've benefited with six games and a gajillion expansions' worth of (mostly) fun Mighting and/& Magicking - and now there's even more to sink our teeth into. Shades of Darkness is a standalone expansion to Might and Magic Heroes VI that features "15 new units and 20 hours of gameplay", in a story set 100 years after the events of the last game. It's also out now (tomorrow in the UK), in addition to a Complete Edition of Heroes VI bundling the whole lot.

Heroes of a Broken Land might be the last turn-based RPG you ever need

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I'm looking at the big Turn-Based RPG Checklist, and Heroes of a Broken Land seems to have everything covered. A great name? Check. Heroes of Might and Magic-style maps and town management? Double-check. First-person dungeon-crawling? Che-ow, I stepped on a trap-ck. Surely Winged Pixel (AKA Andrew Ellem) hasn't shoved procedural generation in there too? Oh, he has. The only thing missing is some lovely artwork - particularly for the character portraits - but it seems a little churlish to complain too loudly about that. Heroes of a Broken Land is coming this Summer to PC, Mac and Linux, but you can pre-order it for a reduced price ($5), or play the expansive alpha version free in your browser here.

Hero-U reaches Kickstarter goal; stretch goals detailed

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