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Xenonauts to invade Steam Early Access later today

Phil Savage at

XCOM: Enemy Unknown went a long way towards tactically scratching my turn-based itch. But while it's slick, pacey action did a great job of capturing the threat and tragedy present in the original X-Com, that doesn't mean there isn't room for something deliberately slower and more methodical. The original is still easily playable, especially thanks to restoration projects like OpenXCom, but it would be nice to be working with a modern UI for a change.

Which is why Xenonauts has such promise. There's a clear aim to rejuvenate what made the original X-Com such a meaty experience for tactics fans. So it's good to see that the game's secretive organisation of planetary defenders is about to get much more visible, thanks to a release on Steam's Early Access program due later today.

Clairvoyance is an online board game about "robots, lasers and the future"

Tom Sykes at

The best strategy games - Chess, XCOM, Boggle - involve thinking ahead, planning your next few moves, and (if you brain can't manage that) cupping your head in your hands and looking shrewdly at your opponent like you have something amazing up your sleeve. Clairvoyance, however, takes forward planning to another level as it asks you to make five moves at once. Similar to Frozen Synapse, it's an asynchronous online tactical battle game that demands each player make their next few moves in one go, before matching them together and seeing what carnage results.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will support mods and have a "standalone PC tactical UI"

Tom Senior at

We visited Firaxis recently to gather as much classified information as we could on their upcoming XCOM remake, Enemy Unknown. We talked to lead designer Jake Solomon about how exactly the PC version will differ from the console release. Firaxis told us that, in addition to a unique PC interface, they're planning to make XCOM: Enemy Unknown modder friendly.

"The idea is that there is the ability for modability," said Solomon. It won't be anything that we're committing to for release, but it's very very easy using Unreal titles. I write almost all my game code in the scripts, and that's very easy to give to people."

The Civilization games have strong modding scenes. With the release of Civ 5, the devs included a built in map creator to make it easier for fans to make their own campaigns. "We have a great legacy of that at Firaxis," Solomon added. "Of course that's what we want. We want to make a distinct experience for the different platforms."

The Banner Saga trailer and screenshots show turn-based combat and conversation

Tom Senior at

This is our first look at The Banner Saga, a Viking adventure from an ex-Bioware indie team, Stoic. We got a few glimpses of that hand drawn artwork when the Banner Saga site went live recently, but it looks even better in motion. The turn based combat in particular looks livelier for that hand-drawn touch. Lovely stuff.

Stoic say that The Banner Saga will be made up of a series of mini-adventures. Expect lots of Vikings talking, Vikings walking and Vikings hitting knights with massive longswords. Have a look at the screenshots below for more Viking art, and a really, really big banner.