Tribes: Ascend unofficial SDK released, no response yet from Hi-Rez

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Tribes: Ascend was unfortunately llama-dropped by developer Hi-Rez studios earlier this year, but now the community has rallied to build an unofficial software development kit and server hosting solution. As posted in a thread in the Tribes subreddit, this will allow the community to host and support versions of Ascend in place of continuing official support from Hi-Rez. Hi-Rez’s reaction, however, is the big unknown: players using modded software and hosting modded servers could be vulnerable to bans or cease and desist orders from the developer.

Tribes: Ascend is live on Steam

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All you reluctant jetpackers no longer have an excuse to play our current favorite multiplayer FPS: Tribes: Ascend is now available on Steam as a free-to-play game.

Offered with the release is the Steam Starter Pack, a $10 DLC package (on sale from $20 until July 4) that includes a lifetime 50% XP Boost (VIP status, in other words), four bonus Weapons for base classes, two class unlocks, four Perks, and 800 Tribes Gold (about $8 worth of in-game currency).

WIN one of 100 Tribes: Ascend closed beta keys!

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Shaz-to-the-bot. That's the proper response when you've just been admitted to the highly-anticipated Tribes: Ascend beta from Hi-Rez Studios. We're giving away a whopping 100 keys to our lucky fans so you can get the jump on the competition and find the best flag-snatching routes and sniping spots in the premier jetpack FPS. Want to know how to win early-access to the Spinfusor battleground of your dreams? You're only a click away.

Tribes: Ascend closed beta kicks off November 4. Pre-order and get a "VIP Starter Kit"

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As reported on Eurogamer, a Tribes Ascend closed beta is due to kick off on November 4. You can sign up for the beta on the official Tribes Ascend site.

The info came from Cyberlink's interview with COO at Hi-Rez Studios, Todd Harris.

There are three ways to get in the beta. Apply on the website and wait for a code, keep an eye on the Hi-Rez Facebook and twitter pages or pre-order. That'll give you access to the VIP Starter Kit, which includes beta access, a 33% cost saving, and some bonus VIP features. We'll update as soon as you're able to lay down the cash.

Todd highlights that the VIP Starter Kit won't be a "buy one get everything pack" but "a way to get VIP status in the game which will put you in a more elite set of queues." Players will also get a bunch of in-game gold and some form of booster. "It gives you a pretty compelling starter experience," he says.

For more, read our Tribes: Ascend preview. Will you be pre-ordering?

Tribes: Ascend model will be "something new for a shooter"

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Hi-Rez Studio's Todd Harris has been talking exclusively to PC Gamer about Tribes: Ascend. The upcoming shooter will be taking influence from Riot Game's hugely successful business plan for League of Legends. It's probably a viable tactic - we hear those guys are doing well.

First Tribes: Ascend screenshots released

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Directly improving our Monday, Tribes: Ascend's Facebook page just revealed the game's first-ever screenshots. Judging by the ammo count and the rounded, blue ordinance loaded into the gun in the second screenshot (within), I'm pretty sure we're looking at the new Spinfusor.