Tribes Universe

Tribes Universe devs talk character classes and massive PvP

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Tribes Universe developers Hi-Rez Studios have been talking recently about their upcoming reboot of the Tribes series. They've revealed more about what the classes in the game will be like, the role vehicles will play and the tech behind the project.

PC Gamer US Podcast 245 - Helicopter Freeman vs. Jet J.C. Denton

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This week, on a very special episode of the PC Gamer Podcast...Josh returns from BlizzCon to tell us about Diablo III's Demon Hunter class. We share our spoiler-free experiences in Fallout: New Vegas (also, how is Dan already on his third playthrough). Evan tells us why Tribes deserves to be remade, and Logan describes the unique anatomical advantages of a civet vis-à-vis coffee.

Download, and hear us say words about games.

Global Agenda devs announce new Tribes game

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The developers of class-based first-person shooter Global Agenda have confirmed that they are working on a brand new entry in the classic Tribes series, called Tribes Universe. It'll have huge battlefields, vehicle combat and will feature massive scraps involving more than a hundred players. Oh, and jetpacks. It wouldn't be Tribes without jetpacks.