Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure World gets pre-order campaign thing, plus soaring new trailer

Tom Sykes at

Treasure Adventure World - based on the lovely freeware platformer Treasure Adventure Game - is totally a thing, and as of it's totally a thing that you can pay for in advance of actually owning it. It's not a pre-order in the usual sense; it's one of those strange, slightly confusing pre-order crowdfunding things, where the game is getting made either way, albeit more slowly if it doesn't raise much cash. But if you want to get in on the ground floor of this reimagimake (trademark pending), this is the way.

Indie gem Treasure Adventure Game is getting an HD remake, with a beautiful new art style

Tom Sykes at

If you haven't played Treasure Adventure Game, you should probably go and do that right now. It's an astonishingly lovely open world piratey platform game that took its creator, Stephen Orlando (or Robit Studios) around three years to make, before he gave us the whole damn thing for free. Now, over a year since its release, he's announced an HD remake/reimagining with an entirely new visual style, some new music by the original composer, lots of small tweaks, and a new game engine. Oh, and a new title: it's now known as Treasure Adventure World. You can see the debut trailer after the break.

Treasure Adventure Game trailer is just wonderful

Nathan Grayson at

Indie games sort of have the market cornered on charm, but damn. Treasure Adventure Game - as spotted by RPS - made me swoon, sigh, squeal, and emit many other sounds completely unbefitting a man of my status (namely, I have a beard). In a nutshell, it's a lo-fi platform adventure game, but with alternate dimensions, sea snake monsters, and giant drill machines. I can't claim to understand the whys and wherefores, but goodness, this looks great. Check out the above trailer, and then frantically rush to download the beta because I need this right now.