Transport Sim

Cities in Motion 2 trailer keeps the traffic flowing

Phil Savage at

Managing an entire city sounds stressful. Everybody shouting at you to clean up the streets, increase property values, not build nuclear power stations next to a school. Maybe instead of the mayoral responsibilities of SimCity, you'd prefer to kick back in the department of transport. At least in Cities of Motion 2, all you'll do is ruin a person's morning commute.

Cities in Motion demo out now

Tom Senior at

A demo has just been released for transport sim, Cities in Motion. The game lets you plan and build transport networks for a selection of major cities. Using a fleet of trams, helicopters and even water buses, you must create the perfect metropolis, in which nothing is ever late.

The demo contains the game's tutorial, which covers one year of development, giving you a taste of the management skills you'll need to create your clockwork utopia when the game's released on February 22. For more on the game, check out the Cities in Motion site, or watch the trailer below.

Patrician IV Review

Richard Bett at

Venerable, oak-aged, the Patrician games first sailed onto our screens back in 1993. As with its predecessors, Patrician IV is one of those transport management games we all tell our cool friends we’re really not into. Eschewing the lorries or trains the genre usually attracts, Pat IV is based around middle-ages sea freight.

There’s little joy to be had in travelling from port to port: the journey is represented by crawling glumly across the map, and each stop proves practically identical upon arrival. Interaction is also disappointingly limited.