Goat Simulator trailer riffs on Dead Island, but with goats

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It's hard not to think that Goat Simulator's ascent from cheese dream inception to being one of the most talked about PC releases of the year owes a lot to just its name. Because you might think, in the same way SimCity theoretically lets you simulate a city (yes, I know), so the name Goat Simulator suggests it will simulate, hopefully in painstaking detail, the life and times of one of the world's lesser loved ungulates.

Expect Titanfall, Witcher 3, previously unannounced Square Enix game trailers at VGX

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This year’s VGX (which, in case you’re confused, is a rebranding of Spike’s Video Game awards) should be even more exciting than usual. Oh, sure, there are the new consoles and the unveiling of new brands and sequels designed for them, but there will also be some brand new trailers for us PC gamers.

Check out quiet puzzle game Alone in the Park for a break from rip-roaring action

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Are you tired of fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled action? Do you need a break from high-stakes drama? Do you wish the world would just go and save itself for once? I think I might have a game for you.

The five best game trailers of all time

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This week has seen the release of several pre-rendered cinematic trailers. Exciting though theywere, brows were raised, then furrowed, then frowned in the PCG office as we noted how precious little these dramatic scenes reflected the actual action of the game.

It need not be so. Even fully pre-rendered trailers can do a better job of encapsulating the games they promote - and probably do a better job of selling them too. We cast our minds back to our favourite trailers of yore, and picked out the five that we felt best captured the games within, while offering visuals that are every bit as thrilling, powerful and cool.

Crashtastic trailer: build and destroy vehicles for skinny robots

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Dead Island trailer and first details revealed

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I suppose if you’re going to facing the zombie apocalypse you may as well do it in a sunny location, say the Royal Palms Resort on the island of Banoi in Papua New Guinea? That’s right, as the trailer that’s sent everyone corpse crazy suggests, Polish developer Techland’s open world, zombie adventure does just that.

We got an exclusive look at the brutal first person title at Techland’s studio, where it revealed the holiday from hell will feature four player co-op, Left 4 Dead style, and RPG elements. Guns? Um, the odd one or two. Thanks to the game’s location you’ll mostly be relying on items you can find around the ruined hotels and corpse filled swimming pools, which should make for some interesting weapon choices. We also got to see one of the playable characters on offer. Not an ex soldier or bland faced bodybuilder, but hip hop star Sam B. We’ll reveal more about him, and the game’s other exciting features, in the next issue of PC Gamer.

What do you think of the trailer? Does it live up to the hype? Our interns debate to the death in this week's Intern Arena column on that very topic! Jump over and chime in in the post's comments to decide which side wins!

Welcome to The Vault!

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Welcome to The Vault! Check out all the choice selections of prime PC cut below: