Procedural dodge-'em-up Race The Sun is out now

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Some people praise the sun, while others seem determined to race it, as potentially disastrous as that sounds. Flippfly's procedural dodge-'em-up Race The Sun is out now, after soaring (well, scraping) past its Kickstarter target earlier in the year. The game will set you back ten procedurally generated dollars (the procedure here being 'taking them out of your wallet'), and to celebrate the devs have released a launch trailer. On the actual launch day! Astounding. Stick around for a beautifully minimalist video.

Might & Magic X gets spiffy new trailer, adds early access this coming Monday

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Might & Magic's main series – referring to the massive first-person RPGs, rather than the strategy spin-off, the first-person orc-kicking simulator, or the inspired match-3 thingy – is set to return after an 11-year bout of forced retirement. In fact, it's set to return much sooner than some of us thought, with Ubisoft's old-fashioned RPG Might & Magic X: Legacy arriving this coming Monday – or part of it, at least. As a new trailer reveals, pre-orderers of the 'Digital Deluxe Edition' will be given early access to Act 1 on August 19th, with the whole shebang following this September.

Meridian: New World assembles a debut trailer

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We were just talking about the new single-player RTS, Meridian: New World, a couple days ago, wishing we could see some footage of the newly-announced game rather than some logo-emblazoned screenshots. Well, it looks like our wish has been answered, as Elder Games has released its debut trailer for its debut game.

Hellraid E3 trailer features skeletons by the boneload, looks a bit like Hexen

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Taking a break from making games about zombies, or games about zombies, Techland are making a game about zombies (well, and skeletons), in the form of co-op first-person fantasy Hellraid. Its Game Master AI has drawn comparisons to Left 4 Dead, but this latest trailer - released to sorta coincide with E3 - is giving me serious Heretic/Hexen vibes.

Payday 2 gameplay trailer shows a clean heist get messy

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The folks at Overkill Software have released a new gameplay trailer for Payday 2, the latest game in their bank robbing franchise. If there’s one lesson to be learned from it, it’s “leave no witnesses.”

Surrealist stealth game Tangiers will let you collect conversations, hurl them at enemies

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I don't know where Tangiers has been hiding, but I'm glad it's finally emerged from the shadows of its stark industrial environment to show off its first teaser trailer, because it's a doozy. Inspired by literature (William Burroughs, JG Ballard), art (the DADA movement) and music (Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire) as much as Thief, Andalusian Games' abstract, surrealist stealth game has the artistic ambition to match its beautiful fractured world. According to the Facebook page, that world will literally change depending on how you play - "play disruptively and the world fractures, deforms". You will also be able to acquire "discarded conversations, hurling worlds down the street to distract your enemies, to give you a split second to slip past." I've hurled some words, and that trailer, beneath the break.

Remember Me trailer explains how we'll play the game of mind games

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The latest trailer for Capcom's Remember Me spends six-and-a-half minutes explaining its backstory, memory modification techniques, and cute made-up words like "Remembrane." As a gifted "memory hunter" in Neo-Paris, you'll do sci-fi stuff to steal and remix other people's memories for your own ends. Want to take out a guard? Make him think he murdered his wife so he commits suicide! Wait, that's...damn, you're a psycho.

Watch Dogs trailer shows new gameplay footage, urban chaos

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When Ubisoft revealed Watch Dogs last year, there was some initial uncertainty about how the game's structure and mechanics would mesh. Would it be an urban Deus-Ex-meets-Hitman hacking and problem-solving game? Would it be a sandboxy third-person shooter that visualizes data in the world, and gives you a tool (your phone) to manipulate it? Based on Ubisoft's new video for Watch Dogs released today, it's looking a lot more like Grand Theft Auto than we initially expected.

4A Games releases first survival training video for Metro: Last Light

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You too will know the joys of fighting humans and mutants as you vie for control of a doomsday weapon, comrade. 4A Games has released the first survival guide tutorial for its upcoming Metro: Last Light first-person shooter. The video familiarizes would-be Rangers with the inherent dangers you'll face in the Metro itself, the destroyed surface wasteland and the transition tunnels between the two areas.

TimeGate Studios announces Minimum, creates unholy union between Minecraft, Quake and Halo

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Timegate Studios revealed its upcoming third-person shooter, Minimum, which can only be described as a combination of Halo's guns, Minecraft's look and Quake's frantic multiplayer pacing. The company announced that Minimum will be entering a closed alpha launch via Steam's Early Access channel on April 16 and invited players to poke around on the web site, see what's available and begin participating in the forums.

Dungeon Defenders 2 co-op gameplay revealed in first trailer

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Earlier this week, Trendy Entertainment announced that Dungeon Defenders 2—a follow-up to the co-op action tower defense original—will be free-to-play and feature a competitive MOBA mode. The new mode is already in closed beta, but the continuation of DunDef's co-op won't be playable until later this year. Even so, Trendy has released a pre-alpha co-op gameplay trailer—it's bigger and prettier, but doesn't look to stray from the original in any fundamental way.

Banished alpha footage mixes survival and city building, makes your day better

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Alpha footage of Banished, a city builder from one-man developer Shining Rock Software, walked right by me as it went to YouTube a couple days ago. What was I looking at while it passed behind my back? Something that isn't Banished? That was dumb. Not that I haven't enjoyed it when it works, but after playing way too much SimCity, I really need to look at something different. Right now, I want to look at Banished, and then kiss it right in its small-scale, super-detailed city management face.

Frozen Endzone announced by Mode 7 Games, a simultaneous turn-based strategy sports game

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Mode 7 Games has announced a sporty successor to Frozen Synapse, our 2011 Strategy Game of the Year, and one we continue to recommend as a kind of turn-based, top-down Counter-Strike. The British indie studio's new project is Frozen Endzone, and it's "meant to feel like futuristic, highly-stylized, exaggerated NFL football,” says Ian Hardingham, Frozen Endzone's lead designer and lead programmer.

Mode 7 is taking the simultaneous turn-based scheme used in Synapse and putting it into a futuresport played by robots. And despite the different theme, they aim to retain Synapse's strengths: replayability, randomly-generated terrain and player positions, and providing and visceral payoffs for players' chesslike planning.

Frozen Endzone interview

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Coinciding with the announcement of Frozen Endzone by Mode 7 Games, I’ve had an unusually detailed, information-packed talk with the Ian Hardingham (Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Joint Managing Director) and Paul Taylor (Joint Managing Director, Writer, Musician), with comments sprinkled in from Endzone’s lead animator and lead artist.

Read on for a comprehensive look at what to expect from this curious combination of futuristic football, turn-based strategy, and robot violence.

New Rise of the Triad trailer is holiday twisted

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The morning after being visited by three specters (or perhaps three jackbooted Nazi-ish occultists), Apogee has posted an all-new holiday-themed trailer for its upcoming remake of Rise of the Triad. The cold-as-ice clip--called the "Deadly Gentlemen trailer"--features a number of explosive jump-pad leaping and shooting sequences set to a hard-rockin' electronica edition of the classic Christmas carol "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."

Potatoman Seeks the Troof has a trailer that has to be seen to be believed

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Potatoes. Potatoes? Potatoes. Potatoman Seeks The Troof is a game about potatoes. It's also a game about the 'troof', which I sincerely hope Potatoman can handle. In troof, it's a 2D platform game starring a stubby pink potato, accompanied by the most amazing trailer. Witness its sheer majesty after the break.

Far Cry 3's co-op trailer is a swearing masterclass

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British Characterisation Alert! In case you couldn't tell that Callum - the narrator of this Far Cry 3 co-op trailer - was Scottish from his name, his unquestionably authentic accent, or the caption that labels him the "Scottish thug," Ubisoft have tried to really hammer the point home with his swearing. Within the first thirty seconds he's said "wanker", "bloody", "cock-up" and "cocksucker". Crikey.

SimCity trailer: a mustachioed overview of urban planning, region play, and data layers

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Creative Director Ocean Quigley isn't just the charismatic mayor of mustaches: he's an accomplished artist who's been working on the SimCity series since the '90s. In Maxis' latest developer diary, Quigley narrates a general overview of SimCity's features, showing off some of the customization and simulation detail we've been talking about: the curvy roads; upgradable civic buildings; region play with intercity consequences; simulated resources and data layer visualization; and crime management.

BioShock Infinite reminds us it exists with Beasts of America trailer

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It's tempting to fear the worst for BioShock Infinite, with more and more Irrational Games staff members jumping ship each time we check in on it, but thankfully there are enough of them left to have concocted this exciting new trailer, which shows off tons of skyhooking, crow-spouting, flaming hands action, set to a soulful, and surprisingly wub-free song. Despite the departures, the game is still on track for its February 26th release, though the trailer neglects to state which dimensions it will be released in. We've contacted regular, evil and mecha Ken Levines for clarification.

Crysis 3 multiplayer trailer: 16-player support for PC version, New York social feed

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The Crysis 3 Department of Trailer Distribution has distributed yet another Crysis 3 trailer - it's what they do! This one weaves a tale of two multiplayer modes, Hunter and Crash-Site, and reveals that the PC version will support 16 players, while the consoles will support 12. It also shows off loadout customization and the "New York Feed," an interactive map of the city which displays information about your friends and creates "custom generated achievements" to compete for. Trailer after the jump...