Styx: Master of Shadows smuggles 14 minutes of footage out of E3

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I'm all for fantasy worlds that don't demonise their gobliny or orcish races, so I remember being pretty curious about Cyanide's Of Orcs and Men back in the day, despite middling reviews eventually putting me off. I have a feeling Styx: Master of Shadows is going to be harder to resist. The third-person stealth game takes Of Orcs' sneaky goblin Styx and gives him his own game set in a massive tower. I mentioned it back in January, but now a big dollop of in-game footage has appeared, giving us a proper look at how it actually plays. I have a few concerns, but it's nice to see a stealth protagonist - shuns the sunlight, lurks in the darkness - actually looking the part for once.

Save time in August by watching Wasteland 2's opening movie now

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inXile haven't quite finished Wasteland 2 yet, but they have finished the live-action video bit that plays before you're thrown into the game proper. It's part Fallout-style newsreel about how humans destroyed the world (those jerks), and part chronicle telling the origins of Wasteland 2's Desert Rangers, whose fine company you'll be keeping in the game. It's also, sadly, a eulogy for poor Ace, a Ranger who died in the line of duty. RIP Ace, we hardly knew ye.

Evolve trailer reveals four new hunters, shows them doing what they do best

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Previously on 24 Evolve: Evan went hands-on with Turtle Rock's Hunters-v-Monster game and left impressed, but with a few concerns; and Phil discovered the game's release date down the back of his sofa. (It's releasing October 21st.) (Evolve, not Phil's sofa.) Now: I bring you five minutes of new gameplay footage narrated by various hirsute developers from Turtle Rock. You can find it - where else? - after the break.

The Sims 4 trailer shows off improved Create A Sim character customization

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I've always wanted to imprison my friends in a Devil in the White City-style Murder Castle, so I'm happy to see that The Sims 4 has a much a improved sim customization tool. Wait, no I haven't. Someone else must've written that. Weird. Anyway, The Sims 4 does has a powerful sim customization tool that looks great for creating likenesses of real people, and this new trailer demonstrates its direct manipulation tools with sims based on the development team.

Mother Russia Bleeds: a sidescrolling beat-'em-up channeling Hotline Miami

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The 2D beat-'em-up has been given curiously little attention by indie developers over the years, so it's refreshing to see a team tackling this decidedly out-of-favour genre, even if they're doing so while borrowing Hotline Miami's seamy 1980s setting and focus on extreme pixel violence. Mother Russia Bleeds is that (fantastically named) game, a sidescrolling beat-'em-up set in the U.S.S.R. in an alternate 1986. You'll play an "imprisoned antihero with a crippling drug addiction" named Sergei, who "breaks free and barrels down a journey of hate-filled vengeance", much like I did after the 08.51 to Bath was delayed yet again. You can see a trailer that lives up to this premise below.

Etherium trailer shows three factions and their resource war

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It seems there are usually three sides to any good story. In the upcoming RTS Etherium, a futuristic battle for control of a hard-to-find resource involves Humans, Vectides, and Intari. And in a new trailer from developer Tindalos Interactive, we get a glimpse for the first time at the kind of unit technology each faction will have on hand during their resource war.

Watch Dogs gameplay trailer calls Chicago a "hyper-connected playground"

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Hey, who watches the watch dogs anyway? Ubisoft is hoping the answer is you, and is offering a new trailer as temptation. Having re-emerged from extended development, Watch Dogs' biggest hook remains its fully explorable modern city – Chicago – which comes complete with the horseless carriages not found in its stablemate Assassin's Creed series, and a vast electronic surveillance system just begging for a morally ambiguous vigilante to muck about with.

Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer reminds you that Murdered: Soul Suspect exists

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Airtight's Murdered: Soul Suspect is the one that's a bit like the Blackwell games, a bit like haunted pottery film Ghost, and a lot like Ghost Trick. You're a cop trying to solve his own murder, and while you don't have Whoopi Goldberg around to help you out, you do have a young girl who appears to be next on your killer's People To Off list. How can you help the living when you can't touch, talk or change into a less bullet-riddled set of clothes? Possession, my friend, which may or may not be shown off in this new, incredibly fast-paced trailer.

Age of Wonders III's Theocrat class revealed in new footage

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Theocrat is a word which here means "Dude who is in with God". It's also a word that means "Dude with healing powers, who can 'cleanse the land of supernatural beings'", which I'm pretty sure was a superpower left out of my school's edition of the King James bible. The Theocrat, you see, is one of Age of Wonders III's new leader classes, a deceptively benevolent-seeming chieftain who is nonetheless a bit of a warmongering zealot (providing you choose to play them this way, of course). Triumph Studios have shown off how the Theocrat operates in a new nineteen-minute video, which you can see below.

Age of Wonders III trailer shows rogues and their bearded dwarven succubi

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At heart a two-faced schemer, Age of Wonders III's rogue leader class seems to attract the best kind of people. Demons, thieves, and killers are some of the resources on hand for players walking a darker path in Triumph Studios' upcoming turn-based strategy game. We get a glimpse of some of the rogue's more underhanded tactics in a new trailer introducing the class.

Sherlock Holmes game Crime and Punishments explains moral choices in latest trailer

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Sherlock Holmes, as far as I know, has never sent the wrong man to jail, never asked Watson to shoot the wrong hellhound or, conversely, ever played any of the right notes on the violin - he is, as far as his deductive skills are concerned, infallible. That's why Crimes and Punishments, Frogwares' latest Sherlock Holmes game, is so intriguing. As the titular detective, you'll comb through the evidence, interview suspects and accuse the potential perpetrators yourself, in the seven different cases that comprise the game. Do a slap-dash job and you could send the wrong person to the gallows; even once you've determined whodunnit, you may be able to arrange a more compassionate outcome, as revealed in the following trailer.

Latest Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag video catches you up on the other videos

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The amount of videos Ubisoft has released for its latest tale of swashbuckling assassination is something of a running joke at this point. The publisher has offered new videos on an almost weekly basis, leading to an almost exhausting amount of information about the game. With Black Flag coming to current gen consoles next week (the PC version hits Nov. 19 in the US), The newest video stitches together the important bits of each trailer for your convenience.

The Elder Scrolls Online trailer details character creation, is marked improvement over Skyrim

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We've come a long way since Oblivion's Potato-Faced Freak Generator, and even Skyrim's strict system featuring no customisation from the neck down. As revealed in a new trailer, The Elder Scrolls Online will let you adjust pretty much everything cosmetic about your character, including muscle definition, arm beefiness and - yes! - even the size of their gut. I can finally be the realistically obese bipedal cat-person I've always been inside my own head.

Stardock announces Galactic Civilizations III on its 20th anniversary, releases trailer

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Two decades have passed since Stardock released its first game, Galactic Civilizations, and on the eve of the company’s 20th birthday, it’s unwrapping Galactic Civilizations III, a sequel to the game that put the studio on the map. Seven years after Galactic Civilizations 2, the follow-up is promising massive scale, moddability, and a redesigned ship builder alongside its trademark political intrigue. Joining Watch Dogs, it’ll also only run on 64-bit operating systems.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PC release date announced

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After months and months of uncomfortable silence and nebulous date ranges, Ubisoft has finally announced that the PC version of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will sail into view around the same time as its next-gen console versions on Nov. 19.

Terraria 1.2 trailer dishes out some wizardry and witchcraft

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Terraria developer Andrew Spinks announced last week that the 1.2 update will be ready (and free) on Steam on October 1, while promising a new trailer would soon be in our midst. This is that trailer.

Treasure Adventure World gets pre-order campaign thing, plus soaring new trailer

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Treasure Adventure World - based on the lovely freeware platformer Treasure Adventure Game - is totally a thing, and as of it's totally a thing that you can pay for in advance of actually owning it. It's not a pre-order in the usual sense; it's one of those strange, slightly confusing pre-order crowdfunding things, where the game is getting made either way, albeit more slowly if it doesn't raise much cash. But if you want to get in on the ground floor of this reimagimake (trademark pending), this is the way.

Shadow Warrior gets a 'wangtastic' new trailer, flaunts fish physics and destructible bikes

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Shadow Warrior's new trailer is not only a great showcase for Flying Wild Hog's upcoming reboot - it's also a brilliant pisstake of all those 'next-gen' engine trailers that will literally zoom in on a puddle to impress. This video focuses on the "under-appreciated features" of the gory throwback, including "advanced fish physics" and "next-gen tree sway". The game's puddles, meanwhile, remain woefully last-gen.

XCOM: Enemy Within 'War Machines' trailer features bio-augs, mechs, alien-punching

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Just over a week ago, news broke of XCOM: Enemy Within - a very orangey expansion to Enemy Unknown. The accompanying video, in true XCOM tradition, showed a shadowy guy saying things in his Serious Voice, with nary a hint of gameplay footage to back it up. As with the moon landings and the inner workings of Pat Sharp's Fun House, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was protected by some vast government conspiracy - y'know, if it wasn't for this brand new trailer chock-full of the stuff. It's entitled War Machines, and true to the name it shows off the expansion's new bio-engineering and robo-mech-suit features. There is also a lot of alien-punching. If Will Smith happens to be watching: that one's all on you.

Procedural dodge-'em-up Race The Sun is out now

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Some people praise the sun, while others seem determined to race it, as potentially disastrous as that sounds. Flippfly's procedural dodge-'em-up Race The Sun is out now, after soaring (well, scraping) past its Kickstarter target earlier in the year. The game will set you back ten procedurally generated dollars (the procedure here being 'taking them out of your wallet'), and to celebrate the devs have released a launch trailer. On the actual launch day! Astounding. Stick around for a beautifully minimalist video.