The Free Webgame Round-Up

Tom Sykes at

Today is a good day for hiding, escaping, approaching and, er, shooting coloured blocks to make them disappear. You'll find all that and slightly more in the following webgames, a couple of which are brought to you by the letters G, G and J, which collectively stand for Global Game Jam. Read on for horror, HORROR, and maybe even some HORROR, plus a game that is basically Tetris With Guns.

This week's best free PC games

Lewis Denby at

This week's best free PC games are reassuringly dark, given that festive merriment has begun to encompass our entire universe. There'll be no Santa hats here, grump grump. Instead, we have games about fear, solitude, ice wolves and Cthulhu. Well, I suppose ice wolves are at least as cold as December. Read on for this week's picks - including a fascinating new title from VVVVVV's developer, and an awesome take on the maze exploration game.