The kills come alive with the sound of Hitman: Absolution

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Selecting a soundtrack for life isn't easy. You need music for riding the bus, shopping for groceries, or sitting around listening to other music. Hitman: Absolution's Agent 47 lives a life of luxury in that regard, as his handlers over at IO Interactive already selected numerous moody pieces and Inception horn-blasts to accompany him as he jay-walks away from explosions or descends a single step. The trailer shown inside shows off Absolution's range of dynamic triggers for aural interactivity, including the buttery-smooth cut of David Bateson's voice. I hope he'll moonlight as an airline pilot sometime soon.

Dead Space 3 screenshots show serene space drifting, demoralizing graffiti

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Dead Space 3's Isaac Clarke isn't averse to staying in shape while combating the nightmarish forces of OH GOD WHY. All it takes is a suitable trigger for cranking up the cardio -- in this case, a friendly message of discouragement adorned upon a wall in "revulsion red" color. Off Isaac goes, soaking in a spiritually cleansing (and oxygen-depriving) spacewalk after hurling himself out the nearest airlock. A short followup jog through a hallway seemingly ripped directly from a Q-Zar arena keeps that pulse pumping. Check out shots from Isaac's refreshing regimen inside.

Dead Space 3 video trips the fright fantastic with 17-minute single-player run

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I'll say it now: The unluckiest man lucky enough for a career in space is Dead Space 3 survivor and persistent punching bag Isaac Clarke. I'm slightly surprised station managers and ship captains aren't festooning signs saying "All welcome here except that Isaac Clarke loser." Trouble of the nightmarish horror variety always follows the slightly unhinged engineer-turned-monster-slayer even when scrounging derelicts for parts, answers, and hopefully a better-looking helmet than a blocky pressure cooker. See for yourself in the lengthy single-player walkthrough video inside and our preview.

Uprising44 combines action and strategy set during the Warsaw Uprising

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Over the weekend, Polish developer DMD Enterprise released Uprising44, a strategy/shooter hybrid taking place within the well-worn gaming theater of World War II. No, don't reach for your dented helmet and M1 Garand just yet: you're actually a resistance member conducting guerrilla attacks during the ill-fated Warsaw Uprising, an event "not yet used" before now, DMD claims.

Front Mission Evolved PC review

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Boy’s father disappears, boy hops in giant robot suit to find him, boy is inadvertently drafted into the army. Front Mission Evolved’s story is a timeless classic if I ever heard one.

Rumour: Epic Games might buy APB

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Epic Games have been highlighted as potential buyers for APB, the massively multiplayer shooter from recently bankrupt Dundee studio Realtime Worlds. APB was built upon Epic’s Unreal engine, and their Vice President and co-founder Mark Rein even helped present APB at 2009's Penny Arcade Expo. When asked if Epic had plans to buy APB, spokesperson Dana Cowley didn't say no. Her quote's below.

APB to close tomorrow

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Cops vs crooks MMO APB is officially closing, as reported by our occasional drinking buddy, EDGE* and confirmed by APB's official announcement. It's garnished by a broad swathe of bittersweet quotes from the development team. Here's the initial announcement:

"APB has been a fantastic journey, but unfortunately that journey has come to a premature end. Today we are sad to announce that despite everyone's best efforts to keep the service running; APB is coming to a close. It's been a pleasure working on APB and with all its players. Together we were building an absolutely amazing game, and for that, we thank you. You guys are awesome!

From all of the Realtime World staff we thank you for your continued support.

The servers are still up, so join the party and say goodbye!

- Ben 'APBMonkey' Bateman (Community Officer)"

[via Edge]

*He mostly refers to himself in the third person.

New Dead Rising 2 screens

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Look at Dead Rising 2! I've always wondered how many guns you could strap to a wheelchair, too. Although I'm sure you could strap guns to those guns, but they get points for trying, at least. There's also some co-op action mixed into the 15 screens below.

APB fights for survival: test new features right now

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Following yesterday's news that Realtime Worlds had entered into administration, we got lots of comments lamenting the death of their urban sandbox MMO. As if in response, they've upt up a public test world with a mass of new features. We've got the meatiest chunks of the patch notes below. And it seems the developers are listening to customer complaints - improving the well known weaknesses within the game. Radical weapon rebalancing, improved vehicle handling, and new weapon audio are all on the patch notes. Have you played the test version? We'd love to know how the improvements feel in-game. 

Alien Swarm update nerfs Tesla Cannon

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Look, there's something you should know. It's about Tesla Cannon. Valve did something to her. It's not nice.

Realtime Worlds giving APB a "major overhaul"

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An official Realtime Worlds poster has outlined the company's plans for APB in a lengthy forum post on the official forums. They're proposing a pretty startling revamp of many of the game's key faults. Read on for the details.

You're nicked: Metropolitan Police APB clan

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In APB, Realtime Worlds' online cops vs robbers shooter, a creative clan of enforcers has recreated the look of the London Metropolitan Police Force with the game's advanced character creator.