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Every Friday the PC Gamer team revisits the week that was, turning the wheat into delicious bread and the chaff into… What even is chaff? Can it be burned? Anyway, you know the drill: good stuff on page one, less so on page two…

Towns development halts after its sole developer abandons the game

Phil Savage at

Ever since it appeared in late-2012, Towns has served almost as a warning for the dangers of Early Access—despite being released before Steam's alpha purchase model was officially a thing. Accepted through Greenlight, the developers launched the game before having implemented the majority of its promised features. Eighteen months later, and a Steam Reviews page filled with angry red thumbs suggests that those initial blueprints were never achieved. Now, it seems, they never will be. Florian 'Moebius' Frankenberger, the person most recently in charge of Towns' "ongoing development", has abandoned the game, effectively halting further production.