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Defense Grid getting Portal 2 themed expansion starring Glados

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Glados has escaped the confines of the Aperture Science testing facility, and has decided to spend a bit of time tormenting tower defence gamers instead. You Monster, the new expansion for Defense Grid, will add eight new maps and 35 challange missions, in which Glados will challenge you to hold back another alien invasion, noting your progress all the while and designing new tests for you to complete. The DLC is set to come out on Steam on December 7. Check out the Defense Grid site for more info.

Orcs Must Die! review

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Orcs Must Die! has done something I’d thought impossible: it’s a tower defense game that actually gets deeper and more rewarding the longer you play it. The joy comes not just from the sadistic delight of watching a wall-trap viciously fillet a crowd of almost lovable cartoon orcs with a series of spinning-blades, but also from the Portal-like cycle of running into a tricky problem, taking a break to ponder it, and then racing back to try a new solution.

Rock of Ages review

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Nothing is sacred to Rock of Ages. Priceless Greek urn? Smash it. Beloved historical figure? Squish them. Tragic Greek myth? Illustrate it by having tiny demons poke a man in the bottom. Anything that stops you from rolling your rock to the end of the course is there to be flattened.

Dungeon Defenders review

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The real heroes of the realm have gone off on a crusade, and only their young pupils are left behind to defend the Eternia Crystals from monsters. That’s the premise of Dungeon Defenders, a tower defence game where you place turrets to stop streams of AI-controlled enemies as they work their way around a maze to attack your base.

So instead of a Knight, there’s a tiny Squire in an oversized helmet and no trousers, and Huntress, who expresses her character by turning around and wiggling her buttocks. The intro warns that “these heroes-in- training will have to grow up quickly” – this might be too quickly.

Dungeon Defenders SDK released, Capture the Flag mode enters Pre-Alpha

Henry Winchester at

For a comparatively small game released on the same week as Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3, Dungeon Defenders has done rather well - it’s currently sitting pretty at number eight in the Steam charts. Well done Dungeon Defenders.

It could be set to get a lot bigger, too: developers Trendy Entertainment have just released Dungeon Defenders’ SDK as free DLC on Steam. The game’s cel-shaded graphical loveliness was built in Unreal Engine 3, and Trendy has included all the game’s source assets in the SDK. Which is jolly nice of them.

Trendy reckons you’ll be able to take Dungeon Defenders’ assets and do just about anything with them, from creating an FPS to a third-person RPG. You’ll also be able to tweak the game to your heart’s content, or create entirely new dungeons to defend.

To demonstrate the benefits of the SDK, Trendy has also released a 16-player Capture the Flag mode as free DLC. It's currently in pre-alpha, so Trendy wants to know your thoughts and feedback as you play

Dungeon Defenders update fixes bugs, is bad news for super fast clickers

Tom Senior at

The tower defence action-RPG, Dungeon Defenders exploded onto Steam recently, and has picked up quite a following already since launch. You pick one of four classes and then dive into a dungeon to start throwing down defences against the incoming hordes of enemies. Kills mean experience, which means more creative ways to hold back the hordes. A massive update has just landed, bringing with it a wealth of balance changes and bug fixes.

Bad news, superfast mouse clickers, the update has "fixed potential double-upgrade bug with superfast mouseclicks," you might want to try and find a way onto the Diablo 3 beta where your clicking prowess will serve you better. There have also been some chunky nerfs to the Spooktacular "Van Wolfstein" weapon, the Huntress' piercing shot, the bowling ball turret and the harpoon turret. Nyooo! Get the full patch notes below, as seen on Steam.

Dungeon Defenders demo released

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Co-op tower defence/third person action hybrid Dungeon Defenders, which came out on Wednesday, has released a demo for you to sample. The demo, spotted by RockpaperShotgun limits players to a single map and caps them at level eight, but is otherwise the same as the full game. You can check it out at GamersHell.

Have any of you been playing Dungeon Defenders readers? What did you think?

Gratuitous Tank Battles trailer battles tanks gratuitously

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What would the word be like in a hundred years time if the leaders of the major nations in The Great War never called it a day. There would be gratuitous giant robots, of course, tanks, trenches, laser beams and huge flamethrower towers at strategic intervals. See all of these in action in the latest trailer for Gratuitous Tanks Battles, spotted over on RPS.

Dungeon Defenders gets TF2 cameos and the Portal gun... if you pre-order

Owen Hill at

Let's be honest, Dungeon Defenders does not look like an iPhone port. We mean that in the nicest possible way. But the multiplayer tower defence game was originally on iPhone. And the PC conversion will let you play with iPhone users when it gets released next week. Weird eh?

Pre-order Dungeon Defenders and, as is tradition these days, you'll get a bunch of Valve goodies in-game including The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device for the Huntress hero class and four Team Fortress 2 familiars. We're not familiar with how familiars work yet, but their roles sound very familiar...

Orcs Must Die! release date announced. Orcpocalypse nigh!

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Greenskin hating third person action meets tower defence game Orcs Must Die! will be released on Steam on October 12. The announcement is less than conventional however, with Robot Entertainment CEO Patrick Hudson saying “The slaying hour is nigh upon us. We can no longer restrain the enemy at the gate. We will soon turn the rift defense over to Xbox and PC gamers to beat back the mob and save the Order!” Blimey. We just thought we were going to humorously massacre Orcs with spells and traps, way to up the pressure.

If you're curious, check the Orcs Must Die! interactive trailer for some Choose your Own Adventure-style fun.

Orcs Must Die! trailer puts you in charge

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The Orcs must die! Of course. But how? The interactive trailer above puts the choice in your mouse clicking finger, offering a few branches that show off some of the game's Orc-spattering mechanisms, though the player does perfectly well without any traps at all. Who needs a floor flipper when you you can throw down a wall of fire and blast all comers with a rapid firing crossbow? Orcs Must Die! is out next month, find out more on the official site.

Gratuitous Tank Battles announced. Aims to be "Blackadder Goes Forth with lasers"

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Positech Games, the one man studio behind Kudos, Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles, has announced its newest title, Gratuitous Tank Battles. Set in an alternate future where a war has been raging for 200 years, the game promises "It'll all be over by Christmas 2114."

Anomaly: Warzone Earth review

Tom Francis at

For a game whose title is composed purely of clichés, Anomaly is unexpectedly refreshing. I wish they’d called it Guide a Convoy: Past Turrets – in fact, I’m going to pretend they did.

In Guide a Convoy: Past Turrets, you guide a convoy of different vehicles past alien turrets. You’re just one man with no weapons, running around a top-down view of urban Japan and Iraq infested with alien gun emplacements. You direct your tanks, APCs and weapons platforms by switching to planning mode with the mouse wheel, then clicking on junctions to choose which way your convoy should turn at each.

Revenge of the Titans review

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Whatever it is that you did, the Titans want revenge for it. And that means you must defend against them, with towers. Towers that whittle down their numbers as they swarm over the map, towards that final point of your homebase.

AI War developer's two upcoming games

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Arcen games, whose financial troubles have been splashed across our frontpage of late, have announced two new games. Hopefully, if they can release them before they shrivel up and moths explode out of their pockets, they'll be so awesome that everyone will buy them and it'll all be great. There are two: a zombie trap-laying roguelike thing, and a tower defence game.

Let me say that again: a tower defence game from the makers of AI war.