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Total War: Rome 2 - Hannibal at the Gates campaign pack announced and trailered

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Like a fine HBO drama, this trailer for Total War: Rome 2's upcoming Hannibal at the Gates DLC is deceptive about its charms. Sure, it looks like you'll be watching for the rousing rhetoric of arch-enemies Scipio and Hannibal. In reality, there are more carnal pleasures buried within. No, not naked people - you really have been watching too much HBO - but elephants! For a glorious few seconds you can watch them bash up soldiers like the armoured meat-sacks they are.

Total War: Rome 2 update adds new elephants, more Epirus units

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It seems like many of Total War: Rome 2's pre-launch updates have been of the "oh no, why is everything on fire?" variety. If that fire hasn't entirely been quelled, it is at least only lightly smouldering now. Hence this latest update, which focuses on features: specifically, elephants. A new African elephant model has been introduced to complement the pre-existing Indian elephants, allowing for more geographically appropriate elephantidae placement.

Total War: Rome 2 official mod tools now in open beta

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Total War: Rome 2 has had Steam Workshop support since last October, but mod-makers have had to cobble together their tweaks and edits through community made tools, bits of string and frequent swearing. Now, though, Creative Assembly are providing their Assembly Kit as an open beta to community creators, giving them the chance to try out the official suite of tools before their upcoming full release.

The PC Gamer Games of the Year 2013 award nominees

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PC Gamer editors are prohibited from celebrating Christmas. For the team, the end of the year is marked by an event known as “GOTY Sleepover,” a time where we somewhat-voluntarily sequester ourselves away from our families and loved ones in the interest of a greater good: selecting the best PC games of the year. We gather in a room with a very heavy door and very little ventilation and stay there until we’ve reached a unanimous decision on every award category. It’s a lot like the Papal conclave, but with more Cheetos.

Total War: Rome II Gameplay Demo

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Evan and T.J. recently sat down with Creative Assembly's Al Bickham for a guided tour through the battlefields of the 4th century B.C. in Total War: Rome II. We explore the campaign map with its new mechanics, and jump into a real-time battle to defend a key road to Rome. All the while, we bombard our gracious host with questions about the new face of Total War.

Pre-order Total War: Rome 2 for 25% Off [Updated]

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The Roman general Thrifticus once famously said that if you can lead an army to war for $15 less than the current advertised price on Steam, you would be a fool not to take advantage. Really, look it up. What do you mean "The Romans didn't use dollars?" Stop asking so many questions, jeez. Bottom line: You can pre-order a Steam copy of Rome II on StackSocial for $45. The historical accuracy of the preceding claims has no bearing on the deal.

Total War: Rome II gameplay video shows combined land and sea battle

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At the Rezzed PC games show over the weekend, the Total War: Rome II development team showed off an extensive look at the in-game tactical map, new city management systems, and a spectacular combined land and naval battle.

Total War: Rome 2 "approaching beta," watch our E3 Sega booth tour

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Graham is hitting the stands at E3 2013 this week and ducked into the SEGA booth for a look at their RTS-tastic line-up, which includes Company of Heroes 2 and, one of our most anticipated games of E3, Total War: Rome 2. There he had a chance to chat to studio communications manager Al Bickham, who said that Rome 2 is "approaching beta" ahead of its distant release on September 3. The Creative Assembly are doing "feature tweaking, a lot of polish, a lot of bug hunting" ahead of the beta.

"We've got all the bits in a bag, we've got all the features, and it's making sure they're all balanced and they're meshing and working together properly" says Al. Watch the video below.

Total War: Rome 2 screenshots show campaign map and camelkazi tactics

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Rome 2 is one of our most anticipated games of E3 2013, and not just because it has camels in it (It also has elephants, after all.) The Creative Assembly's grand strategy sequel is looking a lot more colourful than recent outings. The latest screenshots from E3 give us a look at a blazing, sun-drenched campaign map, and a few war-scenes from Egypt. Cory got a look at the game today, here are three things he loved about it. You may find a few more reasons in the ten shots that follow.

The best games of E3 2013 so far

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We're gearing up for the biggest E3 in years next week. There's going to be a lot of chat about the next console generation, but on the show floor there will be games. Exciting, intriguing, shiny PC games of all shapes and sizes. We've picked out a few that we're super excited about, and highlighted a few more besides. If you think there'll be nothing for PC in LA, read on and think again. And these are just the games we know about.

Let us know which games you're most looking forward to in the comments. You can keep track of all the latest from E3 via our E3 2013 channel, We're on Twitter and Facebook, too, if you're into that sort of thing. If you enjoy a bit of video, the US team took to the Couch of Truth for a chat about all the intriguing titles headed our way.

Cleopatra's coming atcha in this Total War: Rome 2 trailer

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In the latest trailer for Total War: Rome 2, Cleopatra looks back on all her great and/or terrible deeds, including the relatives she's had murdered, the Carry On films she's inspired, and the late 90s girlbands she's directly responsible for. Those last two reflections may or may not be in the following video - but you won't know for sure until after the break.

GDC 2013: Total War: Rome 2 will feature over 100 factions

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Creative Assembly revealed some staggering statistics with interesting gameplay implications at their GDC presentation. Perhaps the most interesting was the announcement that there will be 117 different factions present in the campaign, which starts players off from "the earliest days of the Roman Republic" and tasks them with building an empire.

Arverni faction bring fierce beards to Total War: Rome 2

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The Gallic Arverni are the fifth of eight factions to be revealed as playable forces in Total War: Rome 2. Their chieftains lead the counter-charge against Roman advancement according to the will of their king, inspired by the sentiments of their druids. The Arverni were most notably led by the fierce Vercingetorix, who united the Gallic tribes against Ceasar in the great revolts of 52BC.

In combat, they're "heavily dependent on infantry," according to the Arverni page on the Rome 2 site. They'll "make great use of javelins and the devastating impact of the charge, led by elite warriors such as Spear Nobles and Oathsworn." More importantly, they'll do it while shouty faces and hairy, hairy chins.

Shocked Roman suddenly realises he's in a videogame in latest Rome 2 screenshots

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Total War: Rome 2 soldiers are made up of between 6000 and 7000 polygons lead designer, James Russell, explained recently at the Eurogamer Expo. Artillery projectiles in Rome 2 are made up of more polygons then a Rome 1 soldier has. If you put enough polygons into these characters and layer on enough AI subroutines then there's always a danger that one of your chaps can become sentient and kick his way out of the matrix. Luckily for humanity this soldier is having his existential crisis in front of a team of rampaging war elephants, one of the top five worst situations in which to have an existential crisis. See his predicament in more detail in the screenshots below.

Total War: Rome 2 trailer shows first in-game footage

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Ouch! I've never seen someone get crushed with the head of a massive statue before, but this is WAR. The new Rome 2 trailer shows the first in-engine footage of the siege of Carthage. Legions of troops pour onto the beaches, wash into the streets and break against the grey, craggy fury of an elephant charge. It's a short teaser for a longer fly-through video of the siege that The Creative Assembly are keeping locked safely away in their trailer Trireme, but it offers a heady glimpse of the updated engine. Don't let me keep you. The video is right here ready to go.

Total War: Rome 2 screenshots show close combat on the streets of Carthage

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Shakespeare knew what he was doing, which is why, when he penned the first lines of Mark Antony's most famous speech from Julius Ceaser, he didn't write "friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your eyeballs," which leaves it to me to make that demand. Come on now, your eyeballs, please. All of them.

I'll use them well, I promise. Let me just gather them all up in arms, like so, and saunter into the depths of this post, where four new screenshots for the tremendously enticing Total War: Rome 2 await.

Rome 2 lead designer talks ancient warfare, modding, DLC, and the importance of working with the community

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While at The Creative Assembly to see Rome 2 for the first time, I sat down with Total War lead designer James Russell to talk about the studio’s reasons for returning to the ancient world, what new features players should expect from their second expedition to Rome, and whether the game will receive the same mod support that has just been rolled out for Total War: Shogun 2.

PC Gamer UK issue 242 reveals Rome 2

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Take a look at this month's PC gamer ladies and gentlemen. Just look, admire is beauty, gentle stroke the gold embossing (well it's on the real thing, honest). My god it's beautiful.

This month Chris gathered his legions and annexed The Creative Assembly, looting a preview of Total War: Rome 2 from the rubble and pillaging some Total War: Shogun 2 - Rise of the Samurai DLC codes to give away. He spoke to The Creative Assembly about why they chose to return to Rome, and what this means for the series. You can find out more in our Total War: Rome 2 interviews and our Total War: Rome 2 preview, but the full details are in the magazine.

Total War: Rome 2 announcement trailer features total betrayal, total murder

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I don't know if you noticed, but yesterday Total War: Rome 2 was announced, and we all got rather excited. Today we've got an announcement trailer for you. It's live action (unless Rome's engine is even better than we expected) but it should get you in the mood for murder, betrayal and politics, all of which seem to be one and the same for the Romans. "What would you do for Rome?" It asks. Personally I would pay slightly above average air fare, how about you?

Total War Rome 2 video interviews: Creative Assembly on battles and the campaign game

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While seeing Rome 2 for the first time at Creative Assembly, I spoke to lead designer James Russell and lead battle designer Jamie Ferguson about the new direction that Total War is taking, their ambitions for the game, and why they're returning to Rome after all this time. Click through for the videos.