Anno 2070 update adds new buildings, increases "probability of tornado disaster"

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You know what's way too easy? Building a city and managing resources when there are absolutely no tornadoes happening. Perhaps realising this, the Anno 2070 devs have updated the game with a patch that increases the "probability of a tornado disaster" and "the interval at which they can occur." Regular, predictable tornadoes. That is the key to exciting city building.

The latest patch also adds new "ornamental buildings" and makes loads of fixes and balance tweaks. If you wondering whether Anno 2070 is worth a punt, check out our Anno 2070 review. Meanwhile, here's the full patch list from Steam.

Minecraft mod adds terrifying tornadoes

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Youtuber "Cordon Freeman" has thrown up a video of the scary but awesome tornado mod he's working on for Minecraft (spotted on Reddit). It dynamically snatches blocks, fire and even pigs from ground, wraps them into a central funnel and then scatters them across the landscape, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Cordon says that he's released an early version of the tornado mod for people to play around with. We haven't had a chance to test it out yet. To be honest, we're slightly scared of it. Its creator says he might work it into a bigger weather mod. We'd quite like to see some volcanoes. What do you think?

For more amazing Minecraft mods, have a browse of our roundup of twenty of the best, here's part one, and here's part two. You'll find Cordon's instructions for installing the mod below.