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Hotline Miami 2 trailer is expectedly violent

Phil Savage at

Were you worried that Dennaton Games would, on completion of Hotline Miami, take a step back, look at their game, and think, "bloody hell, that's violent! Let's make the next one about knitting or something." Well, here's the first trailer for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Spoiler: it is not about knitting. It's about kicking and bludgeoning and slicing people into pieces. Hooray?

Backspace Tron-ifies top-down shooting in spherical showdowns

Omri Petitte at

If Deus Ex's Adam Jensen shrank you to cell size before injecting you into his cyber-arm (I never asked for that mental imagery), you'd probably see something like Backspace. In the works by indie studio Megabot and due sometime this year, the glowy top-down shooter presents a different take on the computer hacking theme with multi-tiered spherical levels and utilitarian cargo.

All Zombies Must Die! coming to Steam on March 12

Tom Senior at

Developers, doublesix have sent word that All Zombies Must Die! will finally be invading Steam on March 12. It's a top down arcade blaster that has you taking on the zombie hordes with up to three friends. The minute-to-minute corpse obliteration is deepened by a layer of RPG sweetness that will let you level up your zombie slayer and craft new weapons.

As well as a few nice extra bits like leaderboards and achievements, the PC version will improve on the console edition with a new "treacle" mechanic to give survivors completely surrounded by undead a chance to wade through the smelly ranks and make a break for freedom. The difficulty curve has also been adjusted to temper the harshness of its final stages.

For more on the game, check out the All Zombies Must Die! site, and have a look at this pair of cadaverous PC screenshots.