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Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer explains the game in exhaustive detail

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There have been roughly seventy gajillion Blacklist trailers, all of which have merged in my memory into a grimdark blob of third-rate Bauerisms, torture, and static-laden TV screens. This latest one now supersedes its predecessors, by explaining every part of the game systematically over seven minutes. Unfortunately, it's delivered by a wet-blanket cliche of a wise-cracking nerd guy, with a voice so bland that it's impossible to focus on the information he imparts. Hopefully, your eyes will be able to fill in the gaps.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist multiplayer footage is full of men crawling around a dark room

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Ubisoft are inviting you to spend eight minutes in a darkened room. No, this isn't some sort of revenge for not buying HAWX 2, instead they're offering to show you the less 'Classic' variant of Splinter Cell: Blacklist's Spies vs Mercs multiplayer mode. Community developer Zack Cooper and level designer director Geoff Ellenor take you through a match from the spies' perspective.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer reveals Fisher's abilities - mostly sneaking and shooting

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Back in January, Splinter Cell: Blacklist'sInauguration Trailer took an early lead for my favourite dumb trailer experience of the year, thanks to its exceptional use of the line: "we're going to stop all the attacks. Here, in the Abilities trailer, their "We are going to take it all back" is a clear attempt at capturing the old magic with another hyperbolic and logistically improbable use of "all". Still, the filtered voice of what I assume is the gruff bad guy just isn't selling the delivery. A disappointment for fans of meaninglessly overwrought dialogue, then.

Fans of the game might still want to check it out, though, because it also contains some footage of that.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist release date spilled by retailer

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Crack spec ops maestro Sam Fisher is more shadow than man, but that hasn't stopped Amazon from pinpointing a date for his next outing. VG247 note that the Amazon UK site is carrying a March 29 2013 release date for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The Amazon posting arrives with details of the pre-order offerings, which include an "Upper Echelon suit," new goggles that "shine gold" and an extra mission.

Leaked video looks a lot like Thief 4

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This video, spotted by Beefjack, seems to show footage from a Thief 4 CGI demo reel. The demo was uploaded to YouTube by "garrettisback" and the video tagged "thief4demoreel." Eric Wong is mentioned at the start of the video, which seems to be this chap. His experience list mentions a stint as a lighting artist with Eidos Montreal working on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Thief 4 back in 2010/2011. Some leaked storyboard images tagged 2010 showed a few scenes similar to those in the video above. They're embedded below.

So, all in all, it looks like this is Thief 4. Or an elaborate hoax. Either way, it seems to capture the Thief vibe quite nicely, with a few extra flourishes, like the unfolding/folding Hawkeye bow, and Garret's new "look I have a lockpick!" pose.