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Dead Island screens show new playable character

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Another three Dead Island screenshots are out, showing a new playable character, Sam B. He's described on the Dead Island site as a "one-hit wonder rapper" who runs into bigger problems than his flagging career when the undead outbreak begins. You'll find the new screens below. You can also check out our recent Dead Island preview for more on the game.

Dead Space 2 available to pre-load on Steam, Dead Space on sale

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Dead Space 2 is now available to pre-purchase on Steam. Once bought, the game can be pre-downloaded to give you instant access when it's released tomorrow. To celebrate, the original Dead Space is currently on sale with 66% off. If you pre-order Dead Space 2 that discount rises to 75%. Not a bad deal for a sizeable chunk of interstellar horror.

New Dead Space 2 trailer is creepy as hell

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The new Dead Space 2 trailer is bringing the scares. Don't Visceral Games know that Halloween is over? Judging by the horrible rendition of an old nursery rhyme they've used as a soundtrack to this video, evidently not. The trailer is embedded below, prepare to be a little bit creeped out.