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Watch Dogs system requirements announced, specify 64-bit OS and minimum 6 GB of RAM

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If Watch Dogs is to be believed, you can hack almost any electronic device in a city using nothing but a smart phone. First, though, you'll need to run Watch Dogs, which is going to require something with significantly more power inside of it. Ubisoft have updated their digital store with the open world hacking game's system requirements, and there are some surprises to be found in its recommended list of components.

Watch Dogs is targeting PC as lead platform

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Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has revealed that the promising open-world hack-em-up Watch Dogs is being developed using PC as the lead platform. In an interview with Dutch site Inside Gamer, Guillemot explained how, for once, it's the consoles that are on the receiving end of the port process. I'd joke about PS4 owners being forced to deal with incomprehensible QTEs asking them to press LMB, but I'm not bitter.

Watch Dogs' creative director explains multiplayer "hyperconnectivity"

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The demo presentation for Watch Dogs was one of the highlights of Tuesday's PS4 conference. While the escalation from stopping a petty thief to shooting up goddamn cop cars was nothing short of ridiculous, the chance to hack into and subvert a city-sized collection of systems sounds brilliant. But there's something that Ubisoft are being particularly coy about - the game's multiplayer.