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Meet the Endermen, Minecraft's terrifying, teleporting new enemies

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A new post on Notch's blog introduces the Endermen, the shadowy, long-limbed creatures shown in the recent screenshot Notch released. They are terrifying.

The ghoulish creatures are three metres tall, and spend their time slowly moving blocks around the landscape. They will continue to do this until you rest your cursor on one. At that point the creature you're looking at will freeze, swivel to face you and wait for you to look away. When, inevitably, you do, it will charge, teleporting across the landscape once a second to attack you.

Fable 3 system specs announced

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Fable 3 is due out on May 17, but will Lionhead Studio's fantasy kingmaker sim run on your machine? There's only one way to find out, and that's to look at the full minimum and recommended system specs below.