Thermaltake outs a 3rd Gen Beemer-inspired headset - cue expensive gaming audio...

Dave James at

Thermaltake’s collaboration with the BMW DesignworksUSA team has generally meant for expensive PC gaming peripherals with an emphasis on style over content. I’m hoping that the same isn’t true for the third generation of Beemer designed goodies, this time a Level 10 M Headset.

The first generation was the Level 10 chassis - a case which looked pretty good until you got up close or tried installing an actual PC inside it. The partitioned component areas looked funky, in an oversized PlayStation 2 kind of way, but meant your expensive PC gubbins got real hot, real quick.

Corsair and Thermaltake supersize their liquid chip-chillers

Dave James at

In keeping with the wintery theme of today (my Bath office is looking like a snowy scene from a Dickens classic, there’s even an urchin or two out there) Thermaltake and and Corsair want to help you keep cold and have both announced liquid-based CPU coolers with extra-chunky radiators. Corsair’s new H110 and H90 coolers are essentially just slightly larger versions of their H100 and H80, with 280mm and 140mm radiators respectively. Thermaltake though have announced something even more exciting. Mainly because it’s got such a cool name - the Bigwater 760 Pro.

Hard Stuff: Thermaltake eSPORTS Shock review

Chris Comiskey at

Getting a headset that rivals your 2.1 external speakers’ sound is tough to do without dropping $200 (or more). And yet, the Tt eSPORTS Shock manages to do just that, and at a very reasonable $80.