The War Z review


Why you shouldn't play The War Z

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We're a day away from The War Z's one-month anniversary of being removed from Steam. Throughout this time, it's been buyable and playable through The War Z's website. For several weeks, developer Hammerpoint Interactive has considered it fit enough to be labeled as version 1.0.

I'm in the process of playing The War Z for our review, but for now, I wanted to take a moment to point out a couple reasons why The War Z isn't a game that's worth your time, and certainly one that doesn't deserve to know your credit card information.

What do we think of the The War Z alpha?

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We've been playing the The War Z alpha on and off for a few weeks—long enough to collect some initial thoughts on the open-world zombie survival game and how it compares to the genre's progenitor, DayZ.